I don't want to restart! How I can block this annoying window?

When I update Comodo, EVERY TIME it want to restart. I don’t want to restart, it’s a big problem for me, and yes, I DON’T care if something could not update. I just want to eliminate that freaking annoying reminder that pissing me off.
How I can close this reminder window FOREVER? I eliminate that window from OS forever, could I do such a thing in Comodo? Maybe I need to kill some process in Task manager or correct some registry key?

p.s. And guys, you have WORST CAPTURE EVER! It could not recognize my letters ten bloody times!

Hi Latronaxe,
First up calm the language down please.

I don’t think it would be advisable to postpone the required reboot forever for whatever reason.

Do you mean ‘CAPTCHA’ and if so where?

Thank you.

Don’t blame Comodo, blame Microsoft. When any application install or update changes the registry it’s necessary to reboot. This is because the bulk of the registry is read into RAM at boot time and you need the restart to load the new registry values. In addition, many products (CIS included I guess) update files that are also loaded at boot time, and thus a restart is needed for those too.

Speaking purely personally, I think you’re being unreasonable. This is how Windows works when you install or update applications. The reboot is required, that’s why the message is there.

Dude, you’re wrong.
I’ve got plenty of apps, and another apps never asked me to do the reboot so annoyingly. Never. Don’t blame Windows, blame comodo. No other apps do that so irritating, they could ask it ONCE, but that’s all.
Question is still open. How could I get rid of that ■■■■?.. I set it for 4 hours, it’s maximum. And I want to get rid of it completely.


Look at yourself, moron.

If you don’t (or won’t) understand that applications that update files that are already open or which update registry entries that are loaded at boot time, require a restart then there is little point in anyone trying to help you.

Your request is ill-informed, naive, and not achievable.

Gentlemen immediately stop the profanities.

The message cannot be disabled. THe only thing you can do is to not let CIS update automatically but let you notify. That way you control the moment of installation and required reboot.

The reboot is required not because of the registry, Windows reads it from disk (only withWin 95 and 98 iirc the registry would be loaded in RAM), but because of updating the drivers. Anyway a reboot is required when drivers are involved that are not running in User Space.

Thank you, EricJH, your answer is fine. I will disable automatic update and hope that you could implement the option for not restarting in future, cause it’s really annoying.

The reboot is required because of how Windows works. There’s nothing that can be done about it. The only thing that can be done is to work around it by choosing when to update and then reboot. It’s what I do with Windows updates as well as updates for CIS. I want the control. I usually install them quickly when they are there but want to be in control as to when to reboot.

I still don’t get it. When I had W7, yes, there was like that if it’s about “windows update” (but I still can turn it off by registry keys). But I’m on 8.1 and no any other apps demand on update so annoying, even W8.1 itself. CW is the only one who never let me live without reboot. I need to postpone it every 4 hours, and it’s really annoying, like i said. My uptime is usually about 1.5-2 weeks, so you could understand why it’s so undesirable…

I figured you are one of the people with a long uptime. The only thing I can suggest is to make a wish folllowing the required protocol asking for a longer time to postpone.

As a workaround disable the automatic program update. That’s as good as it gets for now.

Done, thank you)

Will you also be asking Microsoft to modify Windows updates so that they don’t require a restart? 88)

Ubuysa. That’s enough. Please refrain from inflammatory comments.

What’s inflammatory about what I wrote exactly? The OP does not appear to understand why some program updates (notably CIS) require a restart. We as a forum should be trying to educate him, and that’s what my first post on here was trying to do. The OP chose to ignore my comment, even trying to tell me I was wrong, and it’s he who called me a “fool”. I have not used any language at all that could in any way be construed as profanity (something you also accused me of) nor inflammatory. Asking what the OP does with Windows updates is a valid question given his clear lack of understanding.

The forum censor replaced a word you used by rubbish hence why I also gave you a warning.

On a technical level Windows does provide to postpone updates until a point later in time; it provides the option to reboot without updating. That serves topic starter’s need for prolonged up time. Topic starter did change his behaviour in the topic.

You reply felt like you were trying to get even with him. That’s what I was not happy with.

I could answer. But I told that before more than once))

Well, maybe, he doesn’t understand, that >=W8.1 (maybe W8 2)DOES NOT require that kind of restart anymore (W7 does, bur I have 8.1). I install system updates and then I could make a reboot whenever I want without annoying reminders.

Moreover, I could edit the registry in W7 and got rid of that reminders too by that. So it was not a problem at all.

Don’t join in the game of trying to get even. That’s a warning.

I’ve got a better solution: locked.