I dont understand this

Some time ago I made a request that Openvpn should be in tvl, and Comodo seemd to have put Openvpn in the tvl because a few days after my request I installed it and there was no popup from d+. Toady I did a clean install of Win 7 and installed CIS. After that I installed Openvpn but this time I had an allert from d+ telling me that openvpn could not be recognised. I just dont get it, please somebody, explain this to me. ???

hey Dave! :slight_smile:

Could you tell me if your CIS was full updates (av and program version). It can also happen that Openvpn got removed and is therefore not know of CIS.

It also depends how your settings are; I have set CIS to give me alert even if a program is known and safe

if you trust this application add it in trusted files and d+ if adding it in trusted files isn’t enough.

Valentin N

Is OpenVPN signed?

If not then it could just be that the new version you installed hasn’t been whitelisted yet. There is that problem with programs that are not digitally signed.

I have just tried v2.1.4 and it is reported as safe and is normally installed.
Digital signature of the file is “OpenVPN Technologies, Inc.” and local TVL has “OpenVPN, Inc.”.

Maybe that was causing your problem.