I dont think that this is fair

Hello, im using Comodo firewall for i think about decade, maybe less. Anyway few weeks ago Comodo Secure DNS started blocking all warez/pirate sites. I understand that as its not legal to share stuff like that BUT not having option to ignore Comodo warning is not cool at all. Even when option to ignore warning shows, after u take that step u get another block without any option other then going back.
I tried puting exclusions in website filtering of Comodo Firewall but that didnt work so i had to remove comodo DNS which im not happy about as i would like to be warned when im entering somthing that may have been hacked, infected etc BUT to still have MY OPTION to decide if im going to ignore that warning or not.

Will comodo do anything regarding this issue? like adding option to ignore warrning?
If there is some kind of solution other then removing Comodo DNS settings i would like to hear them.
Thanks in advance.

Btw its totaly offtopic but few months ago i had extremly bad expirience with Comodo Geekbuddy support.
I needed help and just wanted to ask question, but each time (4x) i started chat with support they without any question started some scripts for diagnostic of my PC, then reboted my PC each time also without asking or telling me anything. Each time i came back i had to start ticket for help over again.

Finally i managed to ask support TO NOT START ANY DIAGNOSTIC OR REBOT MY PC that i only want to ask simple question. It worked somehow, and even i asked very simple question in which i apsolutly didnt need any kind of remote connection help, he insisted to connect remotely (he did ask me) i allowed him, next thing u know is im looking how hes moving my cursor around desktop which is empty and windows taskbar hiden, he seemd confused and after about 15sec he literally did this: With my mouse, he vent to ticket and UI from Geekbuddy, he clicked that I wish to close ticket and thats it. HE DID IT IN MY NAME, im pretty sure if i recored that he would be fired (i tried to replicate with same guy as it seems there is about 2-3 guys doing support. I found him again while recording everything but as i warned him that im recording and then asked him why he did what he did he simply did not answer anymore. So yea i kinda didnt have proof of what happend and it was pointless to make post like this, just like it is now as im not having proof of what im talking.

What that guy wanted for some reason is to get me off his back and he knew that he cannot close ticket unsolved or what ever, so he by being remotely connected on my PC did that from my side so that it looks like i closed ticket.
I literally still even after 4-5 months since that happend cant believe that this big company as Comodo is, has someone who has ability to remotely control your PC act like that.

Oh and question i had to ask is something along lines of : I had to clean install comodo as i had problem with it. Do i need any kind of tool to do proper full clean install of Firewall again or its just fine to Install right away. Not very hard question, nothing i was bothering him for hours or anything to make him as human being wish to close that ticket way he did.

+1 totally agree
this is censorship