I dont think many of us REALLY hate ALL ads

What is really needed is a system whereby every ad that appears also has a cross or tick beside it allowing us to select if it is an ad that we are OK seeing or not. I have made some great buys through ads over the years and all I want to be able to do is filter out the ones I don’t want to see - for example any advert remotely connected with gambling

Maybe a list of categories to choose what kind of advert we want to see would be good, then PrivDog would only display those kind of ads, I think have 3 options to choose behavior of PrivDog would help, we could choose to show all ads, block all ads or only show certain categories, then PrivDog could be configured to the persons needs :slight_smile:

Perhaps something that detects the color scheme of the websit and shows ads with that color scheme. I mean I hate it when you go to like black website and it shows white ads, just ruins the whole website. Oh and flash ads/gifs should be banned along with any other animated ads… My personal opinion of course.

With respect to the title/topic, yes, I do hate all ads.
I’ve had so much pop up over the years, a full ad blocker is required to put an end to pesky annoying ads (all of them).
They also take up bandwidth and may slow a system down. Removing them is such a joy to the eyes.
Programs such as PD I won’t run. I don’t want selective ads, I don’t want any ads.
I use a full ad blocker on my phone.

@ John Buchanan: Yes I agree with you, I feel the same way, I use Adblock plus using my own filters, one of first things I do when I have to install Adblock plus is delete the EasyList and then start setting up my own list, guess we all have differences on what we like to block and to how much of a degree to block, glad you have found a solution that works for you :slight_smile:

Just installed Linux Mint 16 KDE in a vm to test it out, having fun setting up Adblock plus again, makes me realize just how much work I have put into my filter list over the years ;D