I do not want ISE

I do not want ISE installed. Not only has there just again been an attempt by Comodo to sneak ISE onto my system through a program update (although the change log liked under “What’s new” does not even remotely mention ISE in any of the previous versions), also the installation procedure closes with the offer to introduce Yahoo as my search engine or home page or whatever. This is ugly.

ISE does not even have a switch to turn it off. Fortunately, ISE installer needs permission to install and I have the option to “Block and terminate” it.
After reboot (and supposedly having installed the legitimate updates to Comodo CIS), I get the update prompt again.
To reach peace, I have to let Comodo do the program update and then manually uninstall ISE again. How mad is this?

I strongly suggest Comodo makes ISE optional and clearly excludes it from the mandatory updates.


I agree with you. Customer should have the right to choose witch one to have. It’s also true with COMODO dragon browser. When I install COMODO IS, I even didn’t know the installer let the browser installed on my computer. If COMODO can get some benefit from it, at least should tell me witch one will be installed on my computer and let me have the chance to hit the next button or not >:-D.