I dislike the new way to handle smilies..

It takes longer to add those cool ■■■■ smiley’s and similar when you have to click “more” before posting…

:■■■■ :■■■■

Or the cool smiley’s where you state your position with comodo…

:comodo110: :comodorocks: (V) :comodosavedmylife: :comodojiggy: (CNY) (CWY) (CLY) :ilovecomodo: :comodomarryme:

And a few others…

(:AGL) (:AGY) (:CLP) (:HUG) (:KWL) (:LGH) (:LOV) (:NRD) (:SAD) (:SHY) (:TNG) (:WAV) (:WIN) :SMLR :BNC :THNK

That I really liked… Anyway its not that big of an deal… But I think the old way of handling smiley’s on the forum was better… Thats just my opinion… =)

  1. Why was it changed? :o

EDIT:: maby this was the wrong place to post this on… Its feedback in a way but more about the forum than CIS! =O Feel free to move it to a appropriate board if needed. =)

because apparently, some ppl think it’s annoying to have animated smileys everytime they wanna post a message.

No probs M8,

It was a collective Mod decision based on the annoyance factor and amount of time it took to render the reply page,we felt that this was a pretty good way of doing it,but there`s allways one 88) (joking)

I do miss direct access to :■■■■


ps Sorry sir didn`t realise you were posting should i get down and push em out?

To many “conservative” members didn’t like all the “bounce”. 88)

Every second is precious, and now these forums take even more time. :stuck_out_tongue:


Guess I have to live with this “smiley problem” then… :smiley:

Will have a text file open when browsing here so I quickly can post my desired smileys! :slight_smile:

I hadn’t noticed any change because I block them all.


(How will you know if someone is being sarcastic in their post? People use smileys a lot for that.)

I like the new way smileys are handled.



The Spanish Inquisition approves the current policy. (:WAV)


The Inquisition, what a show
The Inquisition, wow wow wow
(from ‘History of the World, Part 1’, Mel Brooks)

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Good 'ole Monty Python
love their humour

I can generally spot the sarcasm, but if I do miss it and quote their post to make a reply, I see the smilies text.

I just prefer a more distraction free browsing experience. It’s actually the giant animated smilies that made me block them. The more conservative smaller ones are pretty innocuous and I would have left them, but the big animated ones did me in, and rather than create various rules to block the big ones, I just blocked them all with a wildcard.