Not sure where to ask this, I am using the full free suite, am I safe doing banking and buying items(credit cards) on the net with the free suite?

Yes, you are. :smiley:

You should take some time to understand how Comodo works.
After that, if you want to be “100%” sure you won´t get infected and do on line transactions, you should follow something like this:

1- Set the automatic sandbox to “Blocked”, but be sure to have every safe file "trusted by comodo. Use this link Comodo Forum. The reason to use “Blocked” is because some keyloggers might still key log in “untrusted”.
2- No product is 100%. So it is always better to add an other layer of protection. There fore you should use the Manual Sandbox (Virtualization). And put every software that uses the Internet there (browser, IM, skype,etc).

Out of the box Comodo probably offers the best protection out there. But you can make it always stronger, that is the beauty of it. If you do decide to use what i wrote, you must first understand very well how Comodo works, otherwise you will have some problems.

PS- The paid suites will offer Remote Security & System Support, Virus-Free Guarantee, ID Theft Protection guarantee, but the protection is the same that in the free suite. I am not sure If they offer anything else. If they do, someone in this forum will complete my answer

Here is a link Comodo Internet Security Pro 2022 | Advanced Internet Security
There is CIS PRO, Complete and Plus.


I forgot to say that the Firewall component will always alert you, if some unknown application is trying to send information out of your computer. But that is just “creepy” for me. That is why i use “Blocked”.

If you want to add security layers, you may on top of CIS use :

thanks for the info.