I confess that...

If I going to sleep and there is a fly buzzing around the room, I shall get up and either kill it or hoover it up.
Same goes to wasp’s. However, Bee’s normally I let out through the window.

Ha Ha, fly trouble? :smiley:

That’s why I keep a bunch of electric fly-swatters all round the house. :stuck_out_tongue: I like to see those wasps go “sizzle” (though they smell bad then >.>)…to bad I don’t have one big enough for ganda! ;D

When my parents were younger (early 20’s or so) they had NO money so for entertainment they would sit on the porch at night with sunglasses on and drink cheap ■■■■ while watching the bug zapper! 8) ;D Young love… :smiley:

I sleep with ear plugs LOL…

…that on one job I tried to get fired. Many years ago, when I really, REALLY, needed some fast money I took a job cleaning restrooms in a dirty, disgusting, dangerous factory. They handed me a mop and a bucket and showed me to the first restroom. The mess in it was just awful. I lit up a couple of cigarettes, hoping they would find me and throw me out. Instead I was told the restroom smelled BETTER, and I could keep working. My life is much better than back then, thank God! :smiley: