I confess I'm finding Comodo addictive

I confess this is the first forum I have ever joined, I confess to finding this forum and CIS5 addictive and very enjoyable. Should they have warning labels for addiction. Ha Ha have a great day everyone. Kind regards and Bye.

I confessed that this Forum is :-TU excellent , included all Staff Kind regards

Me too… visits daily (whether posts or not). But, am addicted to the forum and yes CIS too.

i keep comodo forum up all the time and never shut my browser down unless it needs to update and restart. i hibernate my computer so it will be there as soon as i log back on. the people here are so helpful. i heard this forum is really great from mrizos from youtube and owner of remove-malware.com. he said it was really great people here. so i decided to check it out and i liked what i saw and then went a way for a while before i really did much but when i came back to it i really got into it and haven’t left since. i was expecting to get on here and no one reply to anything i posted but i got proved wrong. alot of you guys reply promptly which surpasses how i thought a forum would work let alone get replies at all. i figured you’d have to wait a month before someone cared enough to reply but that’s not the case here. the staff, mods and regular people like me are really great. i’m really happy i joined.

i have the www before me and i surf these forums :-\

@ drensmith: There’s nothing wrong with that so long as you are happy and are enjoying yourself while surfing the Comodo forum, glad you are here to join in the fun with the rest of us Comodo addicts ;D


I confess that Comodo is addictive. :-TU.

with over 13,000 posts…i agree 8)

But isn’t it a great feeling to help others and the community!

I confess :):slight_smile: I m addicted to the forum and CIS :-TU