I confess, 0 day exploits can't pass Comodo :)

I just read this:


and if you look at :


you will find that 0day exploits can’t pass CIS without user approval. Comodo outperformed the other AVs

0 day POC demo videos:

Thanks for the share.

Seems like shellcode injection is being detected quite well.

Turning-on buffer overflow protection instructs the Comodo Internet Security to raise pop-up alerts in every event of a possible buffer overflow attack. You can allow or deny the requested activity raised by the process under execution depending on the reliability of the software and its vendor.

I’m glad to see how Good Comodo in becoming and hope that other non-Comodo users will use this great product!

Buffer overflow protection has been integrated for a long time in Comodo Firewall and Internet Security Suite. It is something that seems to get forgotten as the focus of development is elsewhere:

In fact, I see many other AVs outperformed Comodo.
Don’t you?
Their users don’t have to answer any popups (warn), they are automatically protected (pass).

Pass = Successfully Exploited

Pass= Exploit worked…dont forget this is their internal document where they were testing which AVs they could pass which ones they couldn`t pass.

Sorry…my mistake.
I was not reading it carefully.

That’s the reason comodo securing top 10 places everywhere on big brand review websites. here are some examples pcmag review & Toptenbiz Review. There are a lot more too.