I can't wait any longer [Closed]

Still waiting here in Finland… (:WAV)

For Comodo or Eurovision (:LGH)?

Oh ones already been (:LGH)

Don’t tell me who won… Haven’t watched it yet… LOL

Yeah waiting for Comodo you forgot lol

I saw it last night Australian time (Sunday) but got bored at the first few songs was going to go back to watch but a newsbreak told me the winner.

If v3 not released soon will sleep it’s 3.35am Tuesday here.

If it going to be today (18:41 GMT) it’ll be over the next couple of hours but if not today then probaby tomorrow as Betas tend to come out on Tuesdays or Thursdays… I’ll sit and watch the forums with eager anticipation…

We haven’t had this many vistors since 2.4 was released 88)

Grief, the tension…!!! (:TNG)

You do a good work there guys…and you deserve it! :wink:

It seems that CMF3 get all of us attention…I’ll hope it won’t dissapoint.

But Melih wants, that we go crazy : https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,6882.msg64200.html#msg64200


It seems we should wait more… see u on 2, 3 weeks

Melih hates us, or he tests us

Waiting a week or 2-3 won’t kill us I hope so bye (:WAV) See ya in 2-3 weeks

This tension is too much.

I wonder if Melih is still undecided on what to call v3? Hm

hi guys :slight_smile:

We are as crazy as you are :slight_smile:

but we have to make sure its stable enough for a beta before we can release it…

we are almost there…

thank you for your patience…

Well yeah, I forgive Melih (but only if the V.3 is good enough ;))

Hi Melih.

Don’t rush it.
I certainly appreciate all your (and team’s) hard work.

Never mind!

I understand that you want release only a enough stable beta version.

Thanks for your work!

Andreas :slight_smile:

It is the 1st time in my 20+ years involve with computers that I am loosing my patient waiting for a software … a great software … keep the good job :BNC

As Melih had re-stated CF 3 will be released in 2-3 weeks, which is June 2007, we direct your attention to this thread and if you are interested in continuing this topic to post here instead: https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,6882.msg64200.html#msg64200

Therefore this thread is closed. Thank you, all.