I can't wait any longer [Closed]

Where can I find the exact download link please ?

Changed the name :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi alaertsxan.

It’s not available yet :frowning:

Patience is a virtue they say :slight_smile:

Still waiting :THNK

You had me going there for a minute, with a headline like…Comodo Firewall Beta 3 Download link…you’re going to have a lot of members disappointed when they read this post. (:AGY) (:SAD)

Yeah and I was one of them. I wasn’t too happy when I opened this thread to only find out it was an inquiry. (:AGY)

Could someone please change the title to this thread?


(:CLP) great,was a very misleading title

14 мая уже заканчивается … а все нету и нету обещаной беты … грустно как-то однако

Sorry guys

I’m waiting myself like already a month … :-X

■■■■, I open my email to see a release thread being announced and log in only to find it was an enquiry… (:AGY) (:AGY)
guess your renaming the thread was too late for those like me with new thread notification turned on…

hehehe you been waiting ONLY a month??? You will find there are a lot of us been waiting a lot longer than that (:LGH)

After waiting a few months another few hours shouldn’t be too bad (:SAD) so hopefully today is the day, that the Vista users get their hands on CPF v3… :THNK

(:SAD) CFP v 3 see what the excitement does to you…

3.0 is not only beneficial for Vista users no? it will be a big enhancement for Windows XP users as well right?

Good point about been benificial for win xp users…and after looking around at other firewalls on offer i thought i would stick with the vista firewall and wait it out…should have kept a duel boot system… ah well gotta learn patience at some point…

I have wait CPF V3.0 Bata for long time.But now CPF V3.0 Bata isn’t come to us.I can’t wait any longer.When will you finish it.Please tell me.Thank you.

We’ll just have to wait! Don’t get upset if 3.0 is delayed by a day or two, I’m sure Comodo staff is making everything they can, in order to release the beta. Let’s wait some hours and see… :slight_smile:


Be quick,time is the money… (CWY) (CWY) (CWY)

Wow. I just looked and there’s already 67 users logged in and more than 110 guests right now. I wonder why… :THNK


That is the kernel of comodo fan community!


Categorically - CFP V3 is not just a Vista compatible version of the current release - it’s a whole new ball game.

Ewen :slight_smile: