I can't to get download.comodo.com, I can't update my CIS

Yesterday my CIS( v.8.1) stopped to download updates of virus database and CIS itself. All that I get was just this:

Error: 0x80070002 - The system cannot find the file specified.

For to be sure I restored my system disk from 14.12 2014 backup with CIS v.7.0317799.4142, virus database 20379. Any my attempts to update were the same as abovementioned.

Then I decided to download new version CIS v. 8.2 with Comodo Dragon and get this:

404 Not Found

Can somebody from Comodo to tell what’s going on. May be download servers of Comodo are laying down. So many years I never have had any problem with Comodo and now get it.

Misters from Comodo - can you explain what is going on?

Same here. I have 3 machines on CIS…none will update…I get the same message on each…Error: 0x80070002

Same here, tried the update this morning and since then I keep getting the message: error 0x80070002 - the system cannot find the file specified…

Anyone got any ideas!!! :-\