I can't print to any printer with firewall ON [RESOLVED]


using the latest Comodo firewall on XP sp3.

Everything else is OK, but I can’t print to any printer, either network or shared on another PC. Windows shows the printer as ‘Ready’, but nothing prints. If I disable the firewall, I can print.
What should I allow to connect on which ports to be able to print ?
I don’t want to set wide rules like allow all in/out …



Can you check your firewall logs for any Blocked Alerts?

Can you also check your “Network Security Policy” under the Firewall, Advanced page and see if any applications are “Blocked”

Another option you might try is to temporarily put Network Defense into “Training Mode”, print and then return it to Safe Mode.


Thanks Eric !

I noticed blocked ICMP for svchost.exe in the log, so allowed ICMP out for svchost.exe for printer IP’s. That fixed the problem and I can now print.

That’s Great News! Glad to hear your issue is resolved. I’ve now marked the topic as RESOLVED and will Lock it.

Should the issue arise again, simply PM myself or one of the other online Mods and we’ll unlock it again.