I can't log in to the https://waf.comodo.com

Hello, after “buying” the free product COMODO Web Application Firewall Access Fee[2018-12-09/2019-12-09], I can enter Comodo Account Management | Login or Create a new Account but not https://waf.comodo.com and I don’t accept Plesk’s modsecurity credentials either. What could be happening if the purchase detail says the product is activated? Why can’t I access the WAF product but my account?
My order number is 37460849-1
Thank you.

there is a problem with their website Free ModSecurity Rules from Comodo . I also have problems accessing my account. Probably they are already aware about this issue.


please tell if the issue still present.


It’s ok now. It has been fine in the last two days. I only notice that the login is a bit slow, compared to what it was before. It takes 1-2 seconds longer to login.