I cant add credit to my account and am using firefox

I am not sure why, but my account won’t add funds. It’s a problem.

I called support and didnt get through. There’s an important meeting that I need to receive documents for and if this doesnt work, it’s going to be trouble for me.

Fax page credit could not be added to your account until your credit card company approved the transaction. When your credit card company approved the transaction, the fax page credit was added to your account and an email with a receipt was sent to you.
So you know, trustfax stills accepts incoming faxes even though you have problem with your credit card. The faxes are delivered are delivered to your email when there are fax pages available in your account. You don’t lose faxes. The fax that you were waiting for was still accepted and delivered upon a successful fax page credit purchase.

I thnk you need to add some notifier. After trying putting the charge on the account, the box disappeared with no message about an error. I put it in again a few times and then hours later they all went through at the same time.

Thanks for your comments. All enhancements request are forwarded to the product and development teams. They will look at adding additional information about a purchase and how the page refreshes so that you will not add additional fax page credit in error.
Trustfax does have a feature to auto purchase fax pages when needed that can be found in your account info - preferences. This can help eliminate the need for you to add addtional fax pages manually. Trustfax auto purchase only buys the amount that you specify in the preferences and only purchases pages when needed.