I cannot uninstal the free version of Comodo BOClean Anti-Malware

I cannot uninstal the free version of Comodo BOClean Anti-Malware as there is no uninstall program, it does not run correctly either and has caused many problems with my computer, can you please advise and help me to uninstall and remove the software and program from my computer and registry etc.

I also think that it is also corrupt, as it does not work correctly, and as explained there is no unistal program etc.

Hey there and welcome to the forums (:HUG),

First of all, if you still have the uninstall icon at add/remove screen please follow these instructions.

First way

  1. download revo uninstaller (downloadable here)
  2. open it and dubbelclick Comodo Boclean
  3. use advanced mode
  4. try to uninstall, when it fails (as usual :() just let Revo Uninstaller scan for the remainances
  5. When the scan is finished, delete everything Revo says to delete
  6. reboot and post back if it worked or not (you might want to use a registry cleaner also)
  7. reinstall boclean ? 88)

Second way

  1. redownload boclean^(direct downloadlink)
  2. let it install again
  3. after install is done, you could try to uninstall it again…

I hope it worked, (and hope you will keep using BoClean)

Please post back :slight_smile:


Can’t do it the first way, there is no Uninstal program on the revo or control panel for Comodo Boclean, I used the hunter target on the right hand toolbar where the Comodo Icon and menu is, however, it says it is about to uninstal Adobe IR?

The second way, I have to uninstal the Comodo Boclean thats on my computer now first to allow a clean install of the new download etc, so its a double knife edge, I cant install until I uninstal, yet there is no uninstal program for the Comodo Boclean that is currently running on my computer!

The Download and program is corrupt, and due to this it is not running correctly and is conflicting with other software from AOL and McAfee and my computer etc.

Any other ideas or help please?


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Hi abc, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Are you sure the uninstaller is not there ??? It should be in the Windows map :


Before uninstalling, shut down BOClean first if it is still running. You can do that by terminating the BOCore.exe process with Task Manager.

Otherwise try the 2nd solution from Xan with a fresh download frome here :


Also before you try this, shut down BOClean first if it is still running. And DON’T reboot after installing ! If you reboot you also have to shut down BOClean first before uninstalling. Maybe that is what went wrong in the first place :-\

Greetz, Red.

ok, new method. Just place the tool attached into the %windir% (windows) folder (first unrar it ofcourse), then run it and see if it works :slight_smile:


ps : hey there rednose :slight_smile:

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Well I can’t find it and I can’t reinstal the software again even when I don’t install cleanly or not, see picture!

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please try the post i’ve given before first

are you logged in as the computer administrator ?


Sorry, to complex for me, I do not understand! what is it i need to do and how etc.

Could you please try Comodo Registry Cleaner ?


Hi there … I see some other suggestions have been offered, here’s something that might help a bit. Ever since the 4.22 version of BOClean, if you need to remove an earlier version and for some reason the uninstaller fails to work, all you really need to do is make sure that the main BOClean traybar icon has been shut down and isn’t running. Once that’s gone, you can move to the program folder where the BOClean files are (4.24 and later) which is “C:\Program Files\Comodo\CBOClean” … just delete everything in there and you’re OK.

From our 4.24 version onward, any remains from an earlier install will be removed and cleaned up when you go to install a NEWER version as part of the install process. It will remove prior registry entries, older files as well as the older folder for storing the data for at least tnhe two previous versions when you go to install the latest.

So all you really need to do is make sure that the traybar icon isn’t running, go delete the contents of the BOClean program folder, then run the installer for the latest version and that will clean up previous remains. If you want to remove BOClean and not install the new one, then just go ahead and install the new one, then you can unistall it and you’ll be cleaned up. No need for anything else as that’s the way I designed BOClean’s own installer/uninstaller having seen some machines that were hosed in the past. Always considered that situation as part of our design.

Give it a try … you might be impressed. :slight_smile:

Hey Kevin,

Give it a try ... you might be impressed. :)
No I'm impressed >:(, such a simple solution ;). Was this what you were pointing at Rednose ?

See ya