I can not send the file in the web form

I can not send the file in the web form 2 days.

Waiting for help
Thank You.

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Have you tried with another browser ? I will try it out asap to see if it works on my end.

edit : just sent a file and

Your File was uploaded successfully and will shortly undergo analysis by Comodo technicians. Your valuable contribution will help improve the effectiveness of Comodo products and so help us in our mission to provide the very highest levels of security to users worldwide.

There is no problem for me on web interface. I can submit my samples. How many MB are you trying to send ?

Do you try to send 3 files?
and I tried to use another browser
1mb civarı kardeşim 3 dosyanın büyüklüğü.

Can you send me a link of these files ? (mesajın alındı) :wink:

i send p.m

I can send your samples in a zip file. There is no error message. I see no problem here. Try again with another browser. I am on latest Dragon :wink:

valla kardeşim istanbula geldim dosya yollayamaz oldum. chrome ve internet explorer denedim olmadı. internette sorun var desem başka sitelere upload yapabiliyorum. bu ip veya mail adresim blocklanmış olabilir diye düşünüyorum.

hahaha hiç sanmıyorum kardeşim kim yapacak bunu :smiley: Sen sonra tekrar dene yada vpn kullan bilmiyorum yani dene birşeyler :slight_smile:

comodo vpn denedim oldu :smiley:

i used comodo vpn and i could send.

problem solved.
thank you.

Good to hear that, keep reporting… :-TU

Glad to see problem is solved.