I can not open this website "https://www.canva.com"

Hello my friends.
I have the last update of the COMODO IceDragon.
I have a problem: I can not open this website “https://www.canva.com”.
The message that apear is that I don’t have the last update from the browser, or this is not compatible with.

Thanks a lot from your service.
I’m new to this browser and it’s the best I’ve had so far.

I wait for your feedback.

It’s not a bug from CID. The site is simply very strict in what browsers it accepts. I accessed it with FF 61 and FF 60.0.2 and it accepted both versions of FF. Thinking along that line it should accept CID 60.0.2.

This shows it is browser sniffing why it doesn’t accept CID. We can only guess to why they chose to filter CID. You could request the website to accept CID because it is a browser based on FF and should work with their site.

You can user an extension that is capable of changing the user agent of CID to successfully access canva.com. I got it to work with : User-Agent Switcher – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US) .

Thanks EricJH, it works!