I am very disappointed about the comodo team

after a long time of searching and comparing firewalls we decided to use comodo firewall on our 100 notebooks.
We started with comodo 2.x. There were several stability errors with that product but the updates which comes out solved the most issues.
With comodo firewall 3.x it seems so that all stability problems were fixed.
But there is a very big bug with the handling of the NETBIOS protocol.
You can read more here: https://forums.comodo.com/bug_reports/very_slow_netbios_performance-t24826.0.html;msg193080#msg193080

I opened the bug-report on July the 7th and till yet I got no feedback.
I am very disappointed and a bit angry about the comodo team.

I don’t know why but it seams so that my very detailed bug-report interests nobody at the comodo team.
We have very big problems with that bug and thinking about replacing the comodo firewall.

I hope this message reaches the corresponding people at the comodo team and will force an update to solve that issue.

did you submit a ticket too?


Yes, of course!
But it is simply closed with the words:
We have forward to our developer, we will get back you at the earliest.

No further information!

In that case…

We do our best to collect bugs and get them fixed.

Did you try submitting another support ticket?


the current CPF was not being updated.
CIS is the one they were working on.


Hi Josh,
is that the way I have to go?
I can submit a ticket every four weeks but I have the feeling that this wouldn’t help.

Hi Melih,
yes I see that it was not updated till yet.
Could you tell me what CIS is and when comodo plans to fix the netbios bug?
Do you have a roadmap?

See here for Screen Shots & Info on CIS.

Read through the thread. :slight_smile:
CAV3= Comodo AntiVirus version 3.
CIS= Comodo Internet Security.

Mods are testing CIS internally. Best to wait for the update for CIS & CFP 3 because they include bug fixes, and improved firewall & Defense+.


CIS is not the product we are interested in. We only need a firewall without any leak protection or something else…

You mean my bugfix will come out with CIS?

How long do I have to wait?

Sorry but you should read this thread carefully.

kaspersky says at install that comodo must be uninstalled but if u export the regkey
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\COMODO Firewall Pro]
then delete it, u can install kasperky with no prob.
then u just have to import the regkey again to the registry and all is fine.

My problem has nothing todo with any other security software.
Is is a problem in the driver stack of comodo.


We have literally developed our own architecture that will replace the windows one! We believe this will solve all these issues. I don’t have a time when this will be in, but its scheduled to go straight after CIS Launch.

thank you for your patience. Also, did you try Edpoint Security Manager if you are managing lots of endpoints.

Hi Melih,
thanks for your statement.
This helped me a lot. I will watch out the CIS launch.

I hope you are right with the new architecture.

Greetings from Germany!

Thanks netbez!