I am sorry I cannot trust CCE any longer.


I run a Windows 7 SP1 x64 system and have had no problems at all that would suggest any infection at all. But as I always did in the past I ran a CCE scan with the latest version, 2.2.217899.172, in hopes that all the past false positives were stopped.

Well at the end of the scan it reported 192 files infected with, Trojan-GameThief.Win32.Magania.ys. My wife and I painstakingly ran each and every one of the files through virus total and every one came out clean.

If 40 virus scanners tell me a file is clean, including CIS itself which they use, then I am going to believe that over CCE any day.

CCE ALWAYS finds this particular trojan in a number of files on my system every single time I run it and they are always false positives.

I just cannot trust CCE any longer. I have taken it off my system permanently.

Just an FYI.

But did you submit any file to Comodo team in order to correct this virus signature?
Any detection program is about to flag a false positive… But if you had submitted this file to them in the past, well, they should have correct the detection.

Please report any false positives you encounter here.

I would rather have false positives than have it miss malware

I have submitted file after file after file explaining that CCE keeps reporting that very same Trojan every time I run it and every time a new version comes out I am hoping it is fixed. This has been going on for WAY to long. This should be fixed by now. I have been asked by a moderator to submit some files and I will do it this time but I don’t think I will be running CCE ever again. If I do it won’t be anytime soon.

Done, again. I could only upload one because I deleted CCE and the log and I only remember the name of one file.

Hope it helps finally. You know CCE has been tagging files with the Trojan-GameThief.Win32.Magania.ys Trojan since the first time I tried it long ago and it has never been fixed.

Can you please upload that file to virustotal and post a link to the results?


Here you go. As I said CCE found the Trojan-GameThief.Win32.Magania.ys Trojan in it and virus total found it clean.

I am sorry but I do not completely understand why people are continually complaining about these “false positive” issues? I know that I would Love to receive thousands of false positives than to have a single real positive! At lease it demonstrates that this/these programs are doing something productive by showing these files may have something wrong with them!

Everything cannot be 100% correct 100% all the time!

Yes but this is a question of one program, CCE, finding the exact same Trojan in hundreds of files when the Trojan is really not there. This has been happening with CCE from release to release for months on end and we are always told it is fixed. When a program is that wrong all the time it is useless.

I think that once reported, it will be good that false positive got corrected.
I’ve submitted the same file more than once… 88)

Hmmm… Did you update your CCE’s virus definition?