I am requested not to install Comodo Antispam

I just wanted to try out Comodo Antispam.
When I go to install it says I have Panda Antivirus installed and it may not work properly with Antispam. So I cancelled it.
I don’t have Panda Antivirus, I never installed it on my PC. I may have used their online scanner once via Internet Explorer but I don’t see any Panda Add-on.
I am using CIS and Zemana but no Panda. ANd I have a trial of Sophos Antivirus with on-demand protection disabled.
Don’t know what to make of this.

You can probably ignore this if you are sure you have not installed it on your machine.

If it won’t let you, try a registry clean then reboot. Or see if you have any stray files left from a previous security program de-installation. (Some AV programs gets sold under more than one name).

There is a previous trace on this that you may find if you search

Best wishes


Well as I said I have CIS5, Zemana (on boot up) , Malwarebytes paid but not loading on boot up. And I uninstall the trial of Sophos Antivirus.