I am not too impressed yet!!!

I am not a techie. I cannot speak computer language. I don’t have a computer education.
But all I know is I had to go back to Zone Alarm free because my FrontPage (MS office 2000) on the web would not work properly, it would not save as before. and my ws_FTP 95 would not transfer files to and from the internet. But it does work with Zone Alarm free. Both these software were blocked with comodo firewall.

You have to define your trusted zone (Lan)

I remember seeing this link in the FAQ’s - Perhaps it might help?

Maybe make Comodo attempt to autoconfigure your LAN zone? (ask the user first though) during installation? Would help less computer-savvy people getting their PC’s secured.


It does autodetect and define the LAN zone, but it doesn’t incorporate the defined zone into any rules until you add it as a trusted zone. Maybe CPF should, at the end of the autodetection, ask if the user wnats this zone to be added as a trusted zone, thereby building the appropriate rules in Network Monitor?

What do you all think of this idea?

Ewen :slight_smile: