I am done

I am finished.

I have tried for over a week to get your new firewall to work.

I LOVED THE OLDER VERSION i WAS ON. But I kept getting up date to new Comodo firewall.

Now I can not configure the new wall. It will not let me go to my website to work on it. I have tried to figure out how to configure this version…

I am an advanced novice in knowledge. But this new wall is so far beyond me It isn’t funny.
I hate to do this but I am going to have to go back to something else I don’t trust because of the terrible way this version is written. It is so far beyond myself and the people that I help that I can no longer reccommend your firewall.
Gee this hurts to write this because I have been a faithfull useer of your product for over two years.

Vicki H. bluecarnation200

Evening Vicki H.

My name is Jacob Kilgore,
I’m one of the Moderators here at Comodo Forums
What exactly do you have problems with?

If you wish, If you post your problems I’m sure that we could answer them

- Jacob Kilgore
C-O-M-O-D-O Forum Moderator

The version 3.X is kinda different from 2.X but excellent anyway, you just have to get used to the new format, if you want help post your problems here.

I am thinking she updated instead of doing a clean install. But with no feedback, we will never know.

:cry:I am very sorry everyone. I have not been in my E-mail to see someone had replied to my comment. I apologize to you all.

My big question for all of you is… Is the antivirus included in the free version of Comodo?

Then if you download and use everything in the new version, will it slow your connection speed to other websites?

MY machine is… P4- 1.7 machine. Running XP pro. and my Carrier is only 1.5 GHz speed. Wireless.
Oh to a question asked… Yes I did to a clean install. The first time it was an update. But since that didn’t seem to work I did a uninstall with Revo Uninstaller and then a clean install.
To be completely honest…
Part of my problem was that I had an active X for my website disabled. How I did it I dont know… But after I uninstalled Comodo and AVG was still having some problems. So went to my carrier and had a tech’s help. He found that problem.
Now It seems all I need to know is weather AVG and Comodo will fight over the antivirus.

I WISH TO THANK YOU ALL for your questions and your forberance on my VERY late reply.


It is better to have Comodo Internet Security (CIS) only, and forget about AVG. :stuck_out_tongue: AVG is bloated and slower than other programs, and CIS gives better protection (Defense+).

Yes, the AV is included with the ‘free’ CIS software.
The AV you choose to use is, of course, entirely up to you (freedom of choice, Jeremy).
I do however, recommend disabling the AV in CIS if you wish to use AVG as on-access.
Having more than one AV active may result in unexpected results at some point.
And as to speed, I did not see any noticeable speed loss when used on a 2GHz P4 w/ a wireless connection on my network.

I hope this helps you, Vicki.

I have not personally used the Comodo antivirus but I use the firewall. If the Comodo antivirus isn’t for you then try Avast. It works very well and is definitely not a memory hog. AVG is a hog and its not as good as Avast.

I’m making this posting having not read a single word of this thread beyond what I’ve quoted, above…

…and the reason is because, before I comment on anything else (which I’ll do, if at all, in a subsequent post), I want to say one very important thing… something which I fear will offend you, Vicki, but as an IT professional for 32 years who has spent much of that time undoing messes caused by so-called “advanced novices” who have just enough knowledge to be dangerous…

…if you can’t figure out how to use Comodo’s firewall, then there should be no people whom you help. You’re not qualified… at least that is my opinion, based on your own statement of inability to get to your own web site through the Comodo firewall (if, in fact, that is what’s preventing it… which I’ll learn, hopefully, after I post this and then read the rest of the thread).

It’s true that Comodo’s products are not as newbie-friendly as they probably should be. I personally believe that Comodo should implement a newbie interface, and an experienced-user interface, switchable as a configuration item… along with some sophsticated wizards. Until then, it probably is a bit more complex (not complicated, but I’ll admit to complex) than it should be…

…but not as complex as you suggest.

Seriously, Vicki… no offense intended, but… you’re clearly one of those people who has been making me say, in disgust, for three decades, “Sheesh! Everyone’s an expert!”

You’re not… not by a longshot. And so you need to stop helping people. Let them call a professional. It’s more expensive, but the job gets done right the first time, and no one gets misled.

That’s my comment. Sorry if it offends you… I seriously didn’t mean to do that. I’m sure you’re a nice person, and know a lot of things about computers… and you’re probably helpful to many. But you must face the fact that you’re not anywhere near qualified enough to have “people that I help” and I humbly request that you stop it until you’re better at it. While I don’t mind being paid to undo the messes that the likes of you usually cause, I’d really rather be spending my professional time doing more useful and consequential things.

Oy. Where to begin. 88)

Having read this, I now reiterate and stand by my earlier posting… times ten!

I know I have seemed uncharitable… and I’m sorry. People should be able to ask questions here without being taken to task for what they don’t know. The sticking point for me is not that the thread-starter doesn’t know. That’s fine. The galling thing is that she takes what she doesn’t know, and uses it to “help others.” As one who is typically called to undo the subsequent messes, this irritates me, no end… and I just wanted to say it here. Sorry if it offends.

And with that, harkening back to the thread-starting headline, it is now I who am done… in this thread, at least. Others are handling it just fine… and I’m no longer objective.

There will be a Novice mode and Expert mode available in version 4 of CIS.

I’m making this posting having not read a single word of this thread beyond what I’ve quoted, above… This quote from Harpguy.

Sir. You don’t know me nor do you know my ability or what I do when I set up computers for older seniors who CAN NOT pay a PROFESSIONAL, as you suggest. If you had spoken to me in this thread as a decent person asking me some questions which I could answer. I would have accepted your criticizem. But you didn’t do that. You just told me I was a stupid person.
THIS I DO NOT ACCEPT. If I run into problems I consult my brother who has been working with computers since Tandy came out.
I do NOT make any decisions that I have any questions about with out my brother helping me.
I do not now nor ever have claimed I knew it all.
I also know about people messing up their pc. I have had to fix several simple problems too.

I apologize to everyone else in this thread for my reply to this gentleman. But It hurt and made me angry that this person can make decisions about me with out ever getting to know who I am.

Respectfully To the rest of you.


End of my participation in this thread.
I was going to ask more questions but I wont now.


Don’t worry about that guy. Seriously, he seems to be someone who is mean and vengeful as well as miserable in his own life to feel the need to write such a flamer on a help forum site. Sadly, the world is filled with people like that and the creators of Comodo can’t stop them all. Hopefully, they have banned him by IP address as that is the last person on Earth they want on their forums.

You go right a head helping those Seniors who may have no other resource for computer help. I think its a wonderful thing when a Senior gets on the internet. It opens a whole new world for them and fills many hours of what otherwise might be just idle time. Hold your head high and just keep on doing what you are doing.

As for your problem I have no solid answers and the staff here will see that you find your way through the settings you require to access your website.

Best of luck to you!


**Note to Mods: No one wants to post a problem on any board where they will get blasted for having opened their mouth. And this was my first visit to the boards, the very first post I read and I too am a professional in the IT industry who would recommend your product to my home users but not if they will get this treatment.

Harpguy is certainly no Angel and I would severely question his self-asserted ‘Professional’ status.

If anyone in the IT Profession demonstrated that total lack of manners and courtesy , let alone professionalism, he would be out of the customer’s door within seconds. And, out of a job!!!

Get a life you ignoramus!!!

And why the Moderators stood by and allowed it, … I’m appalled.

[at] BlueCarnation200,

Our collective apologies for the standard of replies you have received here. Please do not allow the ravings and rantings put you off. 99% of the users on these forums are polite, considerate, helpful and looking to expand their own knowledge. It’s unfortunate you encountered the other 1% who seem hell-bent on trying to prove how “professional” they are and how “superior” they are, while simultaneously looking down on those they think are beneath them.

[at] HarpGuy,

You pompous ignoramus!

Did you for one second consider that the OP was here to try and find out what she didn’t know so that she could, in future, help others, as she had helped them in the past?

It would have been much preferred if you let your “professionalism” shine through in the quality of your helpful response. Instead, you have chosen to berate and belittle someone you know nothing about. As it stands, the only one here who is convinced of your professionalism is you.

Self praise is faint commendation.

Could you please, in future, respond to the topic, not the poster, and keep your ad hominem attacks for those within arms reach.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I wish to thank all of you who came to my rescue. You do not know how much I appreciate it.
I love Comodo Firewall. I have for the past two years. It was just that at my age. 64, I sometimes can’t understand everything I read. After working with a program for a while it becomes old hat.
But I became frightened when my computer seemed to just disinigrate before my eyes.
I have two harddrives equaling over 300 gig. I have programs, music, and my karaoke videos that I and my sister and friends sing in. All I saw was a terrible melt down and my losing everything.

I guess I panicked. I knew the forum was here because I had used it before. Then I get hit with this person’s attack.
Ewin, Valldemosa, girl_geek, John Buchanan You all have restored my faith in the online community.

Enough of that gushing for now… :slight_smile: Thanks again.
I would like to tell you more about the situation. But this isnt the right place.

Now back to what the forum is for.
I guess I can ask my questions now.

I found by right clicking the icon in the task bar at the bottom, that I find several listings for different things to do.
But I still have one question. It is about the antivirus in Comodo.

When I used AVG I knew that my incoming E-mail was being scanned as I received it.
Does the same thing happen with Comodo antivirus??? Plus one more question.
If I want to do a scan at the end of the night. How do I start the scan?
Because I have so much on my pc (I will be getting another hard drive to make a full copy of what I have on here.) it is very important to me to do a full scan everytime I bring my E-mail into my computer.
I use Incredimail after I have done a review on the web of my mail, deleting what I don’t want on my pc.

Thank you all again.


Hey Vicki,

Before anything else, thank you for your kind words. All of us here do our best to help and we all appreciate it when it is acknowledged.

Next - do backups! Windows and applications can be reinstalled if they go pear shaped in the night, but user generated data (like your video and music files) can’t. If the files are important to you, then please use a backup utility to get them onto another hard or onto CD/DVD. It doesn’t matter what backup utility you choose but I can recommend Comodo’s Backup utility. Other may recommend a different backup utility. Just choose the one that you feel most comfortable with.

Re: Email scanning

Comodo Internet Security’s (CIS) anti virus component does not scan email attachments as and when they are received or sent the way that AVG does, but there is a reason for this.

Consider this scenario for a moment …

I logon to my CIS equipped PC and go to download my emails. One of them contains an attachment. This attachment may or may not be malicious. There is no way to know until the attachment is separated from the email by either saving it or running it.

Say I choose to save the attachment. As soon as my email application attempts to save the file to the hard disk as a separate file, the real time anti virus part of CIS will scan it and let me know if it’s malicious or not by either popping an alert or allowing it to be written to the hard disk.

Say I choose to just double click the attachment in the email to run it. What actually happens now is that the email application will attempt to extract the attachment and write is as a separate file (albeit temporarily) to my hard drive so it can be run. As soon as it is going to be written to the hard drive, the realtime component of CIS’s anti virus will check it and perform either of the two actions described above.

The reverse applies if you are attaching a file to an email you are sending. The AV will check the file before it is attached to the outbound email message.

Separate to email attachments (just before the smartypants jump in ;)), if an incoming email is in HTML format and contains malicious code, the realtime AV component of CIS (and Defense+) will monitor any code that is auto-executed and alert you accordingly.

Re : Scheduled AV scanning

The AV component of CIS has a scheduler which is quite simple to set up. You can also define your own scan profile (a list of what you want scanned). You could create a scan profile that just contains the Incredimail folder that holds the mailbox and schedule this profile to be used in a scheduled scan.

This may sound a bit complex, but it isn’t really. In plain English, you can tell CIS AV to do a scan on the Incredimail mailbox at certain times and whatever frequency you feel comfortable with.

Hope this helps.

Ewen :slight_smile:

To bluecarnation: I am jumping into this late. Sounds like Ewen said it all. I think it is great that you are helping older seniors with their computer issues. I think that a lot of younger people have no concept of what the world was like before computers (there really WAS such a place, such a time). Many older folks never entered the computer scene because they didn’t need to, didn’t understand it, or didn’t think it would ever matter to them (or, all of the above). Now, many of them like computers, but don’t understand much about how they really work. They need assistance, and most importantly, they need assistance from people who can relate to them, explain things so they understand. There is nothing that compares to watching an older person, who has never been on a computer, gasp as the Internet comes to life before their very eyes. Thank you for helping others.

To everyone on this forum: remember, not everyone is as “smart” as you are (some may be less “smart,” but many others are smarter than you!).

To HarpGuy: A man who tells everyone he is an expert is not. A man who is an expert never describes himself as an expert (because he knows how much he does not know). A Master of his craft always listens to the opinions of others before offering the correct solution (because, sometimes, someone else has already found the solution). Or, as any good boxing coach will tell you, never lead with your face to find your opponent’s fist.

Greetings all,

+1 to

Sounds like Ewen said it all


Forum is too big to read everything even if one wants that badly.

But since I came across this thread I feel like I have to add the apology to bluecarnation200 on behalf of this forum.

My regards


I’ve just read this whole thread (took a while lol) and I must say that (along with SiberLynx, who got there first) I also apologise on behalf of this forum for the treatment you received in this thread.

You all have restored my faith in the online community.

Good to know this whole ordeal hasn’t put you off us to much :slight_smile:

Most of us are lovely, I assure you!


Beanie (Jacob) :slight_smile: