I am Chinese users. Excuse me, is this a BUG?

我的操作系统是XP sp3(目前,绝大多数的中国人仍在使用XP)。以下是两张截图:


I am Chinese customers, my English is very poor, I’m sorry. I use translation software, I hope you can understand what I mean. :embarassed:

I just from version 25.2 to upgrade to the new version 26.02, fast and stable in all good.

Just have a little problem, since version 25.2 will haunt me. In the Dragon browser plug-in management page, on the right side of the slide block will automatically disappear, sometimes automatic recovery in ten seconds. I do not know what is the reason?

My operating system is XP SP3 (currently, most Chinese still use XP). The following are two screenshots:

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同樣是用 Windows XP SP3 來測試 Comodo Dragon 26 都正常無誤!

The same test with Comodo Dragon 26 for Windows XP SP3 are normal and correct!

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Thank Taiwan friend reply, do not know whether the associated with simplified Chinese characters of compatibility?


Simplified Chinese test as normal and correct.

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Does a clean install of Dragon help?


I was the first to use Comodo browser, first install version 25.2, 20 days after the automatic update to version 26.02.

谢谢台湾朋友的测试。请问您测试的操作系统是XP sp3 简体中文版吗?

Thank you Taiwan friend test. Operating system do you test is XP SP3 simplified Chinese version?


This has nothing to do with the operating system