I almost s##t my pants

I just installed Comodo and did something very wrong(not knowing what I was doing),I sandboxed my FF browser.
Decided to uninstall,and reinstall Comodo fresh,OOPS,it was totally GONE!
All my settings, bookmarks,passwords,GONE.
OOOH!!,was I EVER PO’d at the software,I just about started to cry!
DL’d FF and ran it(have IE as well), and all was good,except for,
The skid mark in my pants.
(had BU the before I started all this as well)

This brings me to my point,
Fantastic piece of software you have here,
Will reinstall and proceed SLOWLY this next time,
Reading all the tutorials,

I just need a stiff drink right now.

Wow. Ever considered beta testing? :wink:

PS Welcome to the forums btw.

LOL I had this happen but i was uninstalling Palemoon and it decided to wipe out all my FF addons!

No BETA testing,thanks…
Don’t have enough change of underwear :-TD

May I suggest disposable diapers?

For beta testing, a virtual machine may be a good alternative to diapers ;D