I agree, Comodo does need help

I’ve used Comodo products before and today decided to download some of your latest software to test as I am in the market for some security and anti-virus software for my business.

I noticed your cloud service which offered the ability to select folders on your PC and have these sync with the cloud (by right clicking in explorer). I currently make use of Dropbox and GoogleDrive and neither offer this, on both you need to drag/copy the folders to the relevant folder of the cloud service in order for it to sync. The Comodo setup looked so much more appealing, boy was I wrong.

I uninstalled all the Comodo software about 10 minutes ago. I have never battled so much with software in regards to performance. It took me less than 20 seconds to sync a folder with 4 files (50kb total) over to both Google and Dropbox. It however took me close to 15 MINUTES to do the same to the Comodo cloud. My pc became unresponsive and my windows/file explorer kept on showing ‘not responding’ in the title bar. I run a 10MB connection on an Intel i7 Extreme quad core machine so definitely not my pc or connection.

I did several tests and I’m sad to say that the Comodo cloud is totally and utterly useless. It will take me about 5 hours just to sync 1MB of data. Also, the time it takes to sync changed files is way too long. I monitored one file (20kb) and it took just over half an hour before it was updated in the cloud. If I turned my pc off during that time it would have meant that I would be on the road thinking that I had the file in the cloud only to realise later that this is not the case.

I’m sorry to say, Comodo almost had me as a client today but I will stick to the names I know and trust. This is sad as I think you guys have great looking software as well as great ideas i.e. the functionality. Unfortunately when it comes to this kind of software reliability and trust is more important than looks. Five thumbs down.

I forgot to add the following to my earlier post.

I applied for the email certificate and received the email but was unable to download it. I tried in Chrome, Dragon and IE and received an error in all of them in regards to the certificate.

So it seems that this also did not work. Not a good experience overall.