Hundreds of logged intrusions.

I just installed musicshake on my system and noticed some strange activity coming from the program. While using the program CFP logs hundreds of intrusions stemming from musicshake. As of this typing I have 960 logged intrusions and more are making their way in by the second. I never get this many logged intrusions, 12 being the max. Anyway how bad is this? Musicshake is a clean program so why am I getting all these intrusions? Anybody else have this installed on their machine and experiencing this problem too?

An intrusion in CFP3 turns out to be anything that is blocked and logged. There are some applications that seem to create a lot of traffic that is blocked and logged by default as being suspicious-mostly for unknown programs. Check your firewall log to see what is listed there. If all is working with the blocks, create an explicit rule to block but not log the same items for the same application(s) and the intrusions should go away. You can also reset the counter by turning CFP3 off and then back on. :slight_smile:

Excuse my ignorance Sded but could you give me a step by step on how to create a rule which blocks but doesn’t log these events?. I have a similar problem on my PC.

what are the blocked applications?

if its Your Operating System please see here

aand if ts something else please reply