Huge Memory hungry Monster Comodo Firewall ver: 3.13.121240.574

I updated Comodo firewall (without Antivirus) Version 3.12.111745.560 to Version 3.13.121240.574 and restarted my computer and what I see. My system takes now 181 MB memory, what the hell, last time it took only 125 MB. >:(
Looks like comodo tries to build a new memory hungry MONSTER like Norton Internet Security was and this succeeded.

My system includes windows xp sp3, rollback rx and shadow defender and firewall.
Then i rolled my system back to last clean state (memory usage was 125 MB PF usage) and made some tests:

I updated again comodo ver 3.12 to 3.13 and after restart my system took again 181 MB memory.
Then removed firewall and my system took only 90 MB memory after restart
Then installed pctools firewall and my system took 125 MB memory after restart
Then installed outpost free and my system took 125 MB memory after restart.

As you can see other firewalls take much less memory.

I don’t understand what great improvements you made when it takes almost 60 Mb more memory.
I hope comodo can fix this problem and we can use this super safe and nice firewall and we don’t have to find new one.

Can you give more info about you computer.

CPU, RAM amount.
Harddrive size

Those Memory totals, are they for RAM or for pagefile?

Dell Latitude D505
Intel Pentium M 1.60 GHz
40 GB Harddrive
MS Windows XP Pro SP3

Those Memory totals are Page File Usage, taken from Task Manager

I have used Comodo firewal with defence+ about 4-5 years and have had no problem.
I think its more likely programmers bad coding, not my system problem, because i’m very computer savvy person.

CIS is using about 60MB of Page file on my system, On your system is it more?

just the firewall itself, cfp.exe, takes 7mb system memory and 18 mb of page file. It’s extremely lightweight.

cmdagent.exe takes up 3mb system and 78mb page. That’s also very light. That’s 106mb for the complete suite.

Who really cares about the page file usage anyway?

I just upgraded this afternoon, and on my system 3.13 is taking 8 meg of physical and 20 meg of virtual.

Not to mention that the page file isn’t even “memory”…

The whole purpose of the page file is to aid in utilizing your actual memory as efficiently as possible. Without the page file, many programs would really be memory hogs.

I have no page file on disk… 8)

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No page file here, either. Running both FW and AV. TaskManager shows a variation in size over time. Over the short time I watched it, CFP.exe seemed vary from about 1.6M to about 4.3M and Cmdagent.exe from about 1.2M to over 6M. Launching an application would move it up, and then it would go back down after a while.