https announce not working after upgrading to CIS v6

firstly I don’t blame Comodo since this issue didnot prove if by turning it off, but the issue lasts approximately from point when I upgraded CIS.
The https problem is not observed in use with standard web browser. Also unsecured (http) announce works well in same client. The only problem is with https in my torrent client (µTorrent 2.2.1) - I use direct connection (no proxy), and the client is fully allowed in app rules (trusted application preset), neither the https problem dismises if I turn Comodo off for a while. But this looks suspicious, something has to bločk https access from my torrent client. Any chance to diagnose the problem and find the culprit?

Apologies, I’m not sure I really understand the problem? Is it that your torrent client is making or receiving connections over TCP port 443 (HTTPS)

Yes the announce passes through https or https protocol like by web browser. The problem is that my client now can’t establish a https connection with remote tracker.
All torrents’ with https announce icons are red with status response code “Operation not completed in required time limit”

edit: the exact error message is “operation timed out”

Do you have a corresponding Global rule allowing the connections for your torrent client? If you’re not sure, post a screen shot or the Global rules you have.

I don’t think so, no global rule that indicates any http ports blocking, screens:

There’s nothing I can see that’s blocking connections on any port. Are there any log entries?

No log entries at all

but if I copy the announce URL from my client and open it with browser, I get error message from tracker which is OK
If I try announce the same URL from my client, it apparently tooks long time to complete, the I get error message from client about timeout which clearly indices that client is unable to establish the connection (ie. is blocked from doing this)
Eventually I could assume that my ISP started to block my torrent protocol this way but in this case I would expect blocking all protocols (including http)

So the conclusion is my client is blocked locally and I don’t mind use of any network control software except Comodo.

The thing is, a tracker announce is only a response to a GET request from your client, regardless if it’s HTTP or HTTPS. It’s really no different to using a browser and connecting to a secure web page.

The rule you have for your torrent client allows it to make unrestricted outbound connections on any port and any protocol, two of which, if you’re not using UDP trackers, will be TCP ports 80 and 443. As no special inbound rules are necessary to work with these requests, either your CIS installation is bad or the problem lies elsewhere.

After unhooking Comodo firewall driver from my network card the problem seems to persist which looks like Comodo is out of suspicion. Sorry for bothering with this here.

No worries, let us know if you need any further help.