"http://start.qone8.com " BUG !

Firstly, this query on this thread is not about web browsers, it’s primarily about the bug itself, it does not affect my default COMODO DRAGON browser, it does affect IE on my soon to be obsolete XP Pro OS.

It does seem to cause a noticeable slowness overall of the notebook PC I use.
I am sure this “bug” will even exist when I upgrade OS and PC later this year.
This upgrade will not change anything in regards to my use of COMODO products.

However, the bug is,

when I open IE. I have tried going through the motions by Googling; many other "suggestions" recommend their AV etc etc which obviously I want no part of. There are other suggestions where one has to go "under the hood" to registry. I have does some of these suggestions, nothing changed.

This bug will self direct no matter what settings I try in IE. I have cleaned out registry with all relative search names, nothing comes up anymore in registry search in relation to qone8, yet IE still cannot sustain it’s default home page settings, in this case, www.google.com.

This issue does not affect CD, but I think or suspect there may be other issues relating to noticable slowness overall.

So for what it’s worth, how do I remove this bug, qone8 ?


CIS has not picked it up either.

I so understood that you are infected ???
Watch PM.
Edit: Also.

Thanks Jenny, I could not watch the youtubes, I’m on budget pre-paid internet.

However, the last place I looked at was the actual Properties in the Shortcut.
It was in there the “bug” nested itself.
I deleted that Shortcut and added a new one.
fixed, IE now opens where it’s set to open, not that I use IE, but it’s the principle !

I won’t mark it solved because I am not sure the actual source of the bug has been removed entirely.

There Trojan Killer utility is simply offered.