http site shows authentication

I use the V engine on my computer.
When I visit sites like,, I see the green border around the website and arrows pointing to their logo. The point is I am not using https here.
Is it a content verification certificate or a SSL?

I have taken a trial SSL certificate for my website
However, the golden padlock does not show up, nor does the green border unless I use a https.
Since the website has been running on http since long, I cannot just convert the whole website to https. Or is there a way out?
Also, when I see the golden padlock while using https, some of the images on my website do not show up.


If you see an arrow it is pointing to the ‘content verified’ graphics.
so is identifiying a ‘content verification certificate’.

On the subject of your web site, you do not need to have https references instead of http ones.
The only time you need to change to https is when you are taking details where you require the secure connection (ie when taking credit card numbers etc).
So, only update the references where you are sending a custoemr to a page you want secured.

The issue of the page being secure, but no padlock, is nomally due to the graphics on the secure page having http references…change them to https and the padlock should then appear.