Which port does CD use for HTTP traffic?

No one knows? How embarrasing for Comodo… ???

It uses a number of ports, as the HTTP connections are more than 1 at a time. Btw you can see them with Comodo’s Firewall :wink:

The default all apps use for HTTP - TCP 80

Official list of registered port numbers here

The port 80 is the server-side port, the port at which your client connects to, I think he wanted to know the inbound port, the port at which the server sends data to the client.

In that case it will be up to the OS to hand out local random port between 1024 and 65535.

Thank you for your replies.

I think port 80 is the answer I was looking for, but it doesn’t seem to work with CD. Let me try to explain: I use CIS 3.14 with CAV on two systems, and CIS 3.14 with Avast on two systems, no current problem on any system. On the systems with Avast I add port 80 (default) and port 6198 for my proxy server to Avast Web Shield’s redirected ports for HTTP scanning. This works fine for FF, IE and Opera, and I can verify the scanning in the Web Shield’s log. However, this same configuration does not work with CD and there is no scanning performed according to the log.

Others at Avast forum are reporting that Web Shield scans fine for them in Chrome 4. I believe CD is based on Chrome 3, could that be the difference?

Not sure, AFAIK Avast should “intercept” all traffic configured for the web scanner on the configured ports…
It acts like a transparent proxy and should be able to catch CD traffic also… unless CD can go below Web shields radar… does it protect you from downloading the testfile?

No, not in CD, though the Avast File System Shield blocked the execution of the downloaded file. In FF, Avast Web Shield blocked the download instantly.

Sounds like a glitch in Avast that it fails to intercept the CD browser traffic… which version are you on 4 or 5?


Did anybody on the Avast forums by any chance run the same version and is willing to try CD to see if the problem is consistent over multiple systems?

Hi Ronny,

well, I can vouch for the same problem on two similar HP XP SP3 boxes.

Since my last post I’ve done additional testing/troubleshooting. I did a fresh download/install of Avast 5.0.377, which is the latest official version. I believe .396 is still a pre-release. No joy. Then, I installed Chrome Voila! Web Shield scans and logs traffic on ports 80 and 6198 as it should.

My conclusion is that Comodo has altered something in the Chromium 3 source code causing Web Shield not to scan CD HTTP traffic. BTW, I have tried disabling my proxy, and Web Shield still does not scan port 80 while using CD.

Well if that is the case or not, CD still has to connect out to port 80, therefore should it be detected by WebShield, so i don’t think CD is to blame here…

Only possibility here is that their “security restrictions” they build in this browser prevent “local transparent proxy interception” to prevent a Trojan to listen out local on your browsing traffic before it goes on the wire… But I’m not sure if i saw that on the release notes… Would be a very nice feature though :wink:

It would seem obvious that something has to be different in CD since Web Shield effectively scans IE, FF, Opera and Chrome, with and without using my proxy server. CD does allow my proxy server (via IE > Connections tab settings), but may not consider it a transparent proxy as it may Avast Web Shield (IF that is indeed the case).

I’m d/l CD now (on dial-up at this location :() and will do a fresh install to see if there’s any difference.

No joy. Oh well. :frowning: