Hi guys,

Have a question: Is there any way to keep records (logs) of any website I browse, included allowed/blocked by CIS? I tried to find any solution, but it seems the "View Logs"section of CIS do not fulfill what i need! I found it poor (correct me if I’m wrong)! :frowning:

An example what I need is this:


Yes if you open up advanced settings > website filtering > double click Allowed sites and under restrictions their is a control switch to enable logging. See here for more Creating or Modifying Website Filtering Rules, Comodo Internet Security | COMODO

Thanks, hadn’t seen that detail! :slight_smile:

Weird, even I switched ON the logging button, the View Logs remains still blank! Not a single entry there! Am i did anything wrong?!


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The allowed websites category of course doesn’t contain every safe website you visit hence if a website you visit isn’t in that list then it won’t get logged.

I have an idea that could work but I’d rather try it myself first in case it wouldn’t work as I think it would.

You could just create a new rule and a new category with the websites you visit and enable logging for that rule.

Ah OK, now its clear how it works! Its all about rules, add/remove them. So, in this case better to use browser add-ons, like HTTP Request Logger since I use Cyberfox.

Anyway, thank you for clarifying that. :slight_smile:

A way to log all websites visited (will also log websites visited by normal applications that aren’t web browsers)

[ol]- Go to Website Filtering

  • Go to Categories
  • Add a new category and call it something like Wildcard *
  • Right-click the new category and click Add > Add Website
  • For the website, simply enter the wildcard * (an asterisk) by itself.
  • Now go to rules and create a new rule and call it something like Allow * except [Blocked] for logging
  • Now under Categories for the rule you want to right-click and click Add then choose the new category you made called something like Wildcard * and then click OK
  • Under Restrictions you want to right-click and click Add and then type in either your username or everyone and click Check Names and then OK
  • Now change the Restriction for the user added from Block to Allow and then re-enable Logging for that user and then click OK
  • Now you want to position this new rule at the absolute bottom of the list of rules, this is because the higher up the higher the priority, you don’t want it to allow sites that would otherwise be blocked. The rules should be in this order:

[li]Allowed sites

  • Blocked sites
  • Allow * except [Blocked] for logging


  • Now go into Allowed sites and make sure logging is enabled there, as well as Blocked sites.[/ol]

To check the logs

[ol]- Open the logs

  • Go to Show > Website Filtering
  • Right-click in the list and click Entire period
  • Now sort by date
  • If you want you can click the export button to export it into an html file.[/ol]

Having said that, you’d be better off using a program/extension/something else that is specifically made for this purpose.