HTML/Crypted.Gen what is it?

Avira detects this as a malware, it always says it comes
from my firefox profile? At the moment I cannot go to the CPU but can u help me know if it’s urgent to remove or not?

Comodo doesn’t identify it as a virus though, some say it’s a false positive but I cannot be sure. Even though it seems to be in same location as everyone who say it’s a false positive

This is where it was found

C:\Documents and Settings(COmputer User)\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles********.default\Cache_CACHE_002_

I sent it virustotal and no viruses were found. So could it had Been FP?

Report it here:

as a suspicious file.

This way Comodo will have a chance to analyze it, but it sounds like a false positive to me if nobody but Avira detects it as dangerous.

In case of doubt close down FF and let CCleaner clean the cache of FF. Then see if it returns.

I manually deleted it, and it never did come back does that mean it’s okay now or do i still need to scan with CCleaner?

When you manually deleted it then it is gone.