"HpqToaster.exe" trying to access CFW

Should “HpqToaster.exe” be allowed to access COMODO Firewall ???
And ??? WHY ??? would it want to?

Access Comodo Firewall? Can you be more specific about what happens and what alerts you get. Please post screenshots to clarify.

Sorry no screen shots.

The defence+ alert said that “HpqToaster.exe wants to modify the user interface of cfp.exe”

HpqToaster.exe is definitely related to HP laptops, but no one is sure of what it actually does, some people advocating for a wirelessb assistant, some others for a specific HP bootstrap.

HP support is said to have said as a support:

HP support says (8-Dec-2008): Ben, please be informed that "HpqToaster.exe" is a utility which will help the Operating System to autorun the media when inserted in the optical drive. However, some antivirus and spyware application may assume it as a malware.

Other still invoke another media function:

HPQToaster.exe is the LightScribe Software for Disc graphic Burning. On Pc, Go to C:\Program Files\HPQ

However, disabling the corresponding windows service or renaming it so as to fake the system does not seem to alter the computer performances, and is even said to make them better

Edit: HPqtoaster does not try to access Comodo: Defense+ intercepts writings Hpqtoaster wants to make in the registry, like any other application


When it is not interfering with the functionality of HPqtoaster you can block it. Cfp.exe is protected against those things. When needed we can make an exception for HPqtoaster.

I also contacted HP Canada about “HpqToaster.exe” – i was transfered 5 times until i got the following answer from a [qualified 88)] HP rep – HpqToaster is integrated into the operating system in order to facilitate a more streamline and efficient system ??? wtf kind of answer is that eh lol :stuck_out_tongue: