How you can help Comodo!

One of way of helping Comodo is by
1)asking anyone who needs Digital Certificates ( or Vulnerability scanning service ( to buy it from us!

2)Asking any ecommerce site you do business/shopping with to use Comodo products (SSL and Hackerguardian) to protect their site and not Competitor products. Its important for all online business to know that the sign of “Comodo” will be more trusted than any other as Comodo is the only company who protects end user PCs and websites. So when an end user sees the name of “COMODO” on a website saying this website is “protected by Comodo” they will associate and trust it because Comodo is helping to secure their PC!
So pls tell any and every online business/shop you come accross to use Comodo products at every opportunity! You will be doing them a favour as our products the most cost effective in the industry!

This way Comodo can make more revenue to spend more in building better and free products :slight_smile:

thank you


Will do Melih. All / most of the sites I visit here in the UK are usually Verisign, but I would trust Comodo more.


Thanks Mike.

Much appreciate it.



Maybe people who use Verisign you can give a small discount to for the 1st year to switch, that way they will be able to see how much better Comodo is.


Verisign charge few hundreds dollars!
we charge $79! So the price is not the issue. They just haven’t heard of us that’s all.



Ok, then we must do something to get you heard of! Once they see your wonderful product VeriSign will lose a great deal of market share! Melih, maybe you can get sites to advertise you.



Just out of curiosity, if I am provided with a link, and someone gets your certificate from my website, can I get a commision LOL…

BTW, I am in the real estate business…

of course :slight_smile:
you can setup as an affilate and put a link and if someone buys thru that link u get a commision.
u can email and tell them u want to be an “affiliate” and ask them set you up as one.

thanks for the interest :slight_smile:


Believe me…they’ve heard of you. But would you pay $1 for Cola noname brand vs $3 for Coca Cola Classic??? Exactly…I’m a Verisign customer and although Comodo has some great free security products, I wouldnt switch my SSL certs to you guys…it’s about value and ROI…its not about low costs…Verisign is a multi billion dollar organization…they’re more recognized than ne other vendor and have been in the market the longest. their authentication standards are set very high making phishing extremelely difficult, they support OCSP, offer SGC technology and have offices in every State and most countries around the world.

Oh…Jim> You may as well become your own CA and sign the certs yourself…not much profit on a comodo cert these days…or you could get a verisign cert, display their secured seal (the most recognized in the market), be assured that phishing is practically impossible and i guarantee…your online sales / home rentals will increase…not bad return for a $350 investment.

I enjoyed reading your reply :slight_smile:

I love google!
check this out
What you will see is the branding of a company, thru google searches. There is a direct link with a brand and no of times its searched!

It really does not matter whether you the buyer of SSL know who verisign is, its the end user who needs to know who they are!! :slight_smile: Thats where the marketing spin comes into play. Buyer’s of SSL are led to believe that Verisign is well known by end users! Not so! Even ZoneAlarm has a bigger footprint than Verisign in terms of Brand! So get real! I love Google for making this tool available, it exposes myths!

So by now, I am sure you had a time to take a look at this new cool tool, and now you see how the Comodo trend is going straight up and about to “penetrate” Verisign brand in a month or two! :slight_smile:

When it comes to phishing: Again, you are reading too much marketing hype AbsynthMinded! (sorry :-). We have a better validation process than Verisign! But the problem is not whether Comodo has a better validation process or not, its what the phishers use when they want SSL. They use low assurance providers like geotrust certs!

This is why I initiated an organisations to change the way the SSL is displayed. Afterall, whether you have your own DNA is printed into your SSL cert or not, the end user sees a yellow padlock! From user’s perspective a yellow padlock is a yellow padlock! We had to change the way we displayed padlock. Now you are seeing the initiative I started (yes Me AbsynthMinded, that means Comodo, not Verisign! :slight_smile: ) (pls read about it). You can see with the latest version of IE7 these new SSL certificates (called EV (Extended Validation/verification) ) are going to be displayed differently to end users!

Its time to learn facts! :slight_smile:

PS: you were about one thing though: Verisign is a Multibillion dollar company, how many % of their revenue is from Selling Trust related business? (less than 10%?), What is their company tagline, is it anything to do with Trust?



From - Where it all comes together: for those who don’t actually know…

"VeriSign Inc (NASDAQ: VRSN) operates intelligent infrastructure services that enable and protect billions of interactions every day across the world’s voice and data networks. Every day, we process as many as 18 billion Internet interactions and support over 100 million phone calls. We also provide the services that help over 3,000 enterprises and 500,000 Web sites to operate securely, reliably, and efficiently. VeriSign is a global enterprise with offices throughout the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, Latin America, and North America, supported by a widespread international network of data centers and operations centers.

As next-generation networks emerge, VeriSign will be there, deploying the intelligent infrastructure services necessary for everything from RFID supply chains, to inter-enterprise voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to the seamless delivery of mobile content. Whether you’re a carrier looking to rapidly deploy new services, a Fortune 500 enterprise needing comprehensive, proactive security services, or an organization looking to evolve its trading-partner network, we can help. We’re VeriSign. Where it all comes together.™"

So, let’s take into consideration that VeriSign actually has a number of subsidiary organizations and punch this into the Google trends tool (which is secured by VeriSign I might add) and see what we get. Now, I’ve named just a few that I know of but this doesn’t even tap into their total combined brand value:

Also, you say that organizations are using low assurance certs - ok…so what on earth is the point of a Comodo cert then since an organization can sign it’s own certificate? Because you have your roots trusted of course…but what about when High Assurance comes into being? Where will Comodo be? Will you have the infrastructure or investment necessary to support the infrastructure? Don’t for one minute under-estimate the importance of High Assurance - this is what users…that is end users, want from the internet…they want to know that they can trust the organization and that the org has invested huge sums of money into their security practices so that the user can feel safe and confident. According to Gartner, 83% of the online community recognize the VeriSign seal while less than 45% of these users are currently willing to exchange credit card details with a site which does not display this seal…what does that say?

This is the wrong forum for me to be arguing such a case since I realize your motives are not as they seem…creating trust online is not done by issuing certificates to anybody. Kick me off the site if you like…that’s just the way it is…plain & simple. To VeriSign… (CWY)

AbsynthMinded, It would be immoral of me to kick you out of the forums for your belief, whether right or wrong! I will try to explain and show it to you, but you have to have an open mind rather than blindly defending what you know.

You are under false understanding that Comodo’s main business is issuing Low assurance certs! You are wrong! Comodo makes money issuing High Assurance certificates. Verisign’s marketing engine would have you believe that, but go ahead and try to buy a certificate from (our main ssl brand) and see if we don’t make you jump thru the hoops to get you a cert!

BTW: Did you know your beloved Verisign issues low assurance certs here
just pay the money and get the cert :-). The low assurance certs are also known as Domain only validated.

Did you know that?


PS: I read the above description you posted about Verisign, thanks for that, BUT, I could not see the word “TRUST” at all! They seem to be busy providing infrastructure to people… :slight_smile:

There is no Trust in Verisign!!!

Melih, what do you have against VeriSign man…what did they ever do to you? They have helped alot of people and enterprises do business securely over the last ten years. They’ve probably made 2 major ■■■■■ ups in their entire history and people like you despise them for it…come on.

Yes, I’m aware of SSL123 - I don’t however agree with the point of it…I think there are other motives behind why thawte offered it in the first place but I won’t go down that road. Look, it’s useless for me to argue…I do try to keep an open mind which is why I rely on facts and research to make business decisions. I do receive alot of communication from VeriSign so yeah, I have been influenced to a certain degree.

Did you watch Stratton’s key note address at RSA earlier this year? What was his opening question? refer to it.

I have nothign against any Company who follows good business practices! When some of our customers talked to Verisign sales people they claimed we don’t own our roots (even though we own 11) and they claimed their validation was stronger than ours (even though they have misissued a certificate to someone pretending to be Microsoft! yes this is public).

You started by accusing Comodo dude! You accused us for issuing low assurance and claimed that Verisign does not issue low assurance which could be susceptible to phishing!

I proved to you that Verisign does issue low assurance, and you admitted that you know about it! So why were you claiming all this high ground for Verisign only issuing high assurance stuff, while you knew very well that they were issuing low assurance certificate?




Q) What innovation has Verisign brought to the masses?
A) Ask users, what has Verisign given to them?

Q)What has Verisign done to stop the erosion of the trust on SSL?
A)Nothing! Until I started the CAB initiative and now thanks to this initaitive that Comodo (not Verisign) started the future of SSL is secure and trust on SSL will be restored! Why didn’t Verisign do that?

Q)How much money has Verisign made from SSL? They managed to buy companies for $20 Billion dollars! yes $20Billion, why couldn’t they let the end users benefit a bit, you know, just few crumbs here and there!

What Verisign has done is to exploit a market opportunity (quite well actually) for a product called SSL, milk it, chew it and spat it! As you have pointed out, the word “Trust” is no longer used in the way they describe their business!

It is Comodo who has now secured the future of the SSL, NOT Verisign!
It is Comodo who has brought you Content Authentication innovation, NOT Verisign!
It is Comodo who has made High Assurance SSL cost effective hence enabling fledgling online businesses access to technology which was otherwise was not accessible, NOT Verisign!
It is Comodo who has made desktop security a reality for the masses, NOT Verisign!
It is Comodo who is building a business based on “Creating Trust Online”, NOT Verisign!

Maybe you can list what Verisign has done

Here is something I found about Verisign that might of interest to you :wink:
Here is an excerpt for you

"Kevin Murphy, a judge for the the Superior Court in Santa Clara County, said he found the plaintiffs’ allegations that VeriSign engaged in false and misleading advertising about Secure Site Pro to merit legal proceedings. "

And this is what MS says about SGC certs which is the issue with the court case…

Here is an excerpt for you:

"Microsoft and other vendors stopped shipping products that have standard encryption shortly after the U.S. lifted its export restrictions in early 2000. By default, these products support strong encryption and do not depend on sites to be configured with SGC certificates for strong SSL encryption. "

So when you sell SGC certs AbsynthMinded (who is a Verisign reseller), pls do tell the customers that it is practically of no use whatsoever, but a good way for you to extract more money from them because they don’t know any better!!! Lets see if they buy it then :wink:

In terms of CA verisign is much more well known.

Not so! Even ZoneAlarm has a bigger footprint than Verisign in terms of Brand! So get real! I love Google for making this tool available, it exposes myths!

And it seems it is a source of myths as well. Comparing Versign with Zonealarm is like comparing apple and pears… Why not compare with linux while you are at it?

Sometimes I wonder if the reason you give free products is just so you can get more searches and then mislead people into thinking Comodo has a strong brand name compared to verisign in the area of certification.

When actually your “brand name” is simply an association by people who think of you as the company that gives free security software but have no idea about anything else.

So by now, I am sure you had a time to take a look at this new cool tool, and now you see how the Comodo trend is going straight up and about to "penetrate" Verisign brand in a month or two! :-)

Sigh, and all of it are probably by people who have no idea what comodo actually does, but are actually searching for free security stuff… I’m sure you are smart enough to see the difference, but you are still pushing this line of argument cos it looks good.

As for what you have against versign, isn’t it obvious? You want to put them out of business…

Why does it matter if the users don’t know what Comodo does in other areas? Eg: does it matter if none of the firewall users knew that Comodo also sell digital certs?


Think Melih!!! Presumably your strategy involves a change in their behavior no? If they don’t know something, how can they act on it and change their attitude towards it???


Please answer the question.


This is getting childish Melih even for you. I answer every one of your questions in every thread and your response is “please answer the question” ? If you don’t know what to say, feel free to stop answering. You are not fooling anyone.

Hey! I’ll make some noise at Austria and Germany, so Comodo get’s more popular here! (M)