How would you join the Malware Research Group?

I am very good at finding and reporting malware in the wild, and I was wondering what it takes to be a member of Comodo’s Malware Research Group? The only thing I could actually use some help on is debuggers since I am absolutely useless when it comes to reverse engineering the little buggers. Though I presume that’s for Comodo’s employees to do not volunteers here at the forum. I just end up using the standard online sandboxes to help me do the work. ;D

I could also be of some assistance with malware removal in the forums as well, but was just wondering what it takes to be one here at Comodo. :slight_smile:

i was told by one of the mods to PM melih and ask him. i also wanted to join so i PMed him many months back and never got a reponse.

Yes, PM Melih and one Mod or so… as am sure he gets his inboxed filled up quite a lot. And he will sort it, that’s what I did…

But don’t have time to play with Malware in the aid of helping, also member of Usability too.