How well does your browser protect your privacy?

Preform a test and share your score.
I got only 3 green marks with latest Dragon.

Using Lawlietfox and only got 4 green bars.

Using CoolNovo and only got 3 green bars.

These are over-doing it, we cannot have anything enabled to pass. Maybe we shouldn’t be connected to the net in order to pass?

I agree, there’s only so much a browser dev can do to protect against this stuff.

Panopticlick is similar, tests to see how unique you are.

The idea being the less unique you are among billions of users the better.

As a metaphore consider a lion singling out a weak zebra for lunch. For such a test you would fair better ironically using internet explorer, because you are among a bigger crowd of similar users and less unique.

Though for privacy purposes I prefer Dragon, unfortunately it also makes you more unique in the eyes of advertisers / market research and easier to target.
An irony - In this regard you would probably be better off using googles chrome

Targetting is a science these days, I read research notes on methods of acquiring even more complicated unique identifiers … Every computer we use is unique in the amount electricity variables it leaks, all the bits that make up your computer (wifi adaptor/cpu/motherboard/hard drive etc etc) all have pretty much unique frequency ranges - Those can, and are, being used by advertisers / market research or whoever to uniquely identify you aswell

How the heck can anyone possible hope to stop such techniques.

Having a clear message to people sniffing you like the Do Not Track header (and hoping that it is honoured or at least can be held up in court should anyone need to) seems to be a possible good solution.

It seems the world of advertisers with lots of financial backing immediately go up in arms against anyone producing browsers enabling that by default though :frowning:

Do a search on google for “microsoft to enable do not track by default” - But after seeing the results (all that sticking by their guns BS) … They have since reconsidered / backed off / chickened out … and will not be enabling it by default. Which means most users will not enable it, which is obviously what advertisers and market research want because they consider it a massive threat to their business model.
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) authority has been placed under massive pressure to change wording in the specification of how Do Not Track should be. Unfortunately a few details have been won by advertising pressure on the group.

Of course the biggest sniffer on your habits is a plugin you install in your browser voluntarily, with its own T&C’s, multiple methods of realtime and secure connections between you and its mother, an invisible clickmap engine gathering data about your mouse / keyboard activity (how long you hovered on an item on a certain web page etc etc), its own programming language which is invisible to the user, and just about infects every web site we visit today … It would not be affected by Do Not Track. Adobe’s flash.
Roll on the world going html5 and hopefully the death of flash.
Only problem then will be … finding out how advertisers / market research / malware are abusing things in html5 like dom storage :). Parasites will prevail unfortunately.

The only thing I do not like about dragon is it still allows googles huuuge ‘Missing plugin’ banner to constantly harrass us … See this plea for help

Edit: Another irony = Not having adobe flash installed makes you more unique, because every sucker on the planet is using it … Aaaaaagh! :slight_smile:

6 green with Chrome 22 on Ubuntu 12.04. :slight_smile:

Privacy is a big problem :frowning:

We have some BIG innovations that we are working on…

4 Green with Ice Dragon ( Tracking - ‘Tell websites I do not want to be tracked’ checked ) on Windows 8 :slight_smile:

can you give us some info?

not at the moment i am afraid…

but what is not possible today, will be possible with this new product/protocol/ecosystem


Oh, no!
Not new product again… 88)

Online Virtual Desktop with no history saving and high speed VPN/proxy?
Free up to 5GB/month bandwidth, premium with 25GB/month?
Awesome :-TU

u have Kiosk with CIS v 6 which is almost what you are looking for :slight_smile:

what we are working on right now its a lot more revolutionary.

do you know if it will be out this year

Let us hope it’s all automatic for people not initiated into e-security :wink:

thanks, looking forward to it :-TU

Lol…I got 3 green bars with the regular browser and just 2 with the “incognito” browser…I’ll continue to use Comodo because my vids load faster and things run more smoothly. TOR for my anon stuff.