How to view active connections in Comodo firewall 6.0

I recently updated my Comodo firewall. The previous interface was good. But now every thing is confusing.

I’m unable to find the option to view active internet connections (List of applications currently connecting to the internet).

Is it somewhere else?

Please help me!

The Active Connections window has been removed. Now to get information on connections, you have to install Killswitch. If you click on Watch Activity, you’ll be invited to install Killswitch from the GUI.

It is a shame it has been removed! I installed kill switch and it did not show connections like in the previous firewall. I may switch back to version 5.

O_o ?? you open killswitch and switch to the Network Button and u see ur connections like in the V5

But the problem is that action that was able to disconnect selected ports - eg. leeches - in the previous version is now missing.

Thank you for the quick reply.

When I right click on the port to shutdown, the “close” is not highlighted - as the other 2 commands (“go to process” & “copy”) are - and I am then unable to complete the task.

The second problem I am having relates to the ports in use.

My torrent folder displays a list of ports in use but a large number of these active ports are not identified in Watch Activity.

If you’re attempting to close a port in a TIME_WAIT state you won’t be able to, as it’s already in the process of being closed.

The second problem I am having relates to the ports in use.

My torrent folder displays a list of ports in use but a large number of these active ports are not identified in Watch Activity.

Can you explain what you’re referring to when you say “torrent folder” please

Probably should have referred to the folder as a window.
When uTorrent is active, all the ports that are transferring information are listed in its window.
My first problem is that all the active ports in uTorrent are not listed in Watch Activity - even though information is being concurrently transferred.
The second problem is that the “close” tab is not available for the ports and they are not identified as Time Wait.

Also should have noted that all these actions were no problem in the version 5.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to reproduce this. The only thing I can think of is that you’re looking at uTP connections in the peer list which will show as UDP in network connection monitors like killswitch. With regard to not being able to close a connection, you should only see that option for TCP established connections.

Edit: Added the missing P on TCP…

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That is what egemen also stated. I quoted him in my previous post. I will quote him again:

Sorry to say, but you guys don’t seem to have a clue.
I am watching active file transfer from ports that are definitely open and cannot close the ports with comodo.
Version 5 worker OK - version 6 is not up to the job.
What’s going on?

Thank you for the vote of confidence :slight_smile: Please post some screen shots of what you think (or not) you’re seeing.

As requested I have taken a snapshot showing port 40472 sending and receiving data and with the "close"tab unavailable.
The other shows 48843 active and unidentified.

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The second file has been a bit of a problem uploading - try 3rd. time…

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If you look closely, you’ll notice the ‘State’ of the connection for 40472 says SYN Sent, which basically means the connection is in the process of being negotiated, it’s not established and, as I said before, only established connections can be terminated. You’ll also notice the local port has changed from 55263 to 58536, which means the connection has been broken at least once and is trying to be re-established.

When a TCP connection is broken it goes into a TIME_WAIT state and is passed to System Idle Process (PID 0) to complete termination. Bearing this in mind, you should look under the, in killSwitch, unidentified process for these connections.

As far as port 48843, if you look at the utorrent flags you’ll see that connection is using uTP, which uses UDP and not TCP. Once again, because UDP is connectionless, there’s nothing to terminate.

If you want another vie of the connections your computer is dealing with, open a command prompt and type: netstat -ano

Just a quick request - it fit’s this topic:

Can you add a shortcut to “Killswitch” to the Comodo taskbar symbol (currently it takes 4 clicks to get into Killswitch)?

(Also a quick switch for HIPS modes would be useful.)

Hi and welcome C0m0d0r3,
Right click on the Watch Activity Icon and you can the add it to the task-bar of CIS.
This is also possible for other tasks.
Adding tasks to the Task Bar

I wish like the taskbar options, trayicon options was there with which you could rightclick tasks & add as an option in the trayicon menu.