How to use synchronize!??

In setting panel,“synchronize these files or folders when restoring system to a snapshot”.
what’s the meaning? And how to use it?

This is used to prevent a folder being rolled backwards or forwards when restoring a snapshot.

A perfect use for this is the nominate “My Documents” to be synchronised. This way, whenever you roll forwards or backwards, your documents are preserved.

“Synchronise” probably isn’t the right term for this. I would have thought something like “Freeze”, “Preserve” or “Retain” better described its use. Comodo are open to suggestions as to what to call this function.

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Thank you!!!

I agree with Ewen that “Synchronise” probably isn’t the right term for this. I would prefer the term “Preserve”.

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Same here.

Only it does not exclude the folders.

It first reverts to the snapshot (in the past)

Then updates historic snapshot with actual data

Note: I had selected the option to take a snapshot before travelling back in time.

Correct - it first restores to the selected snapshot and then overlays the data from the synchronised folders. Unavoidable when you consider the selected snapshot contained a different content/time version of the selected folder.

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Thanks for the answer. Some people suggest to use synchronise ans an alternative to exclude disk or partitions (or folders). The current synchonise is a perfect (and most safe option) the way it operates now. Only it is not usable as an alternative to (a currently not available) exclude option, since it handles the data twice.

For clearity I do not have any critic on the synchronise option, it is simply not an alternative for the not yet available exlude option.

A simular product has this option, another does not (because it handles not so many disks:-), does somebody know whether this exlcude option will in the final version (or whether it is planned in the release calender).

Thx Kees

Am I right that this can be used for *.pst files as well and still keep the most updated emails when rolling back?


when I download large amount of big files, at the end of the day, CTM did a snapshot with a snapshot name called “low space”. i looked at the windows explorer to see that the space is still 100GB. it seems that CTM does not warn before hand. and by the time I remove some older snapshots, CTM prompted that it is unable boot up properly. so I need to choose a snapshot that I want to anchor before uninstalling CTM. This solve the inability to boot up properly.

CTM should warn when the HDD space is left with 20% of the total HDD space.
CTM should have a all-the-time HDD-space status on the GUI to allow us to be aware too.