How to use/set up CIS V5 Video

I made a quick video on how to use CIS for expert/normal/novice users. I also explain how the sandbox works.

Let me know what you think.

Hopfully in the next review mods can show us the new DACS detection. :slight_smile:

this was requested by a ton of people and hopefully if they watch the video people will have a better understanding of how to use CIS and how the sandbox works.

Nice video LanGuy99 :slight_smile:

The settings you mentioned for novices, I want to ask few things

Firewall - Safe Mode
D+ - Safe Mode
AV - Stateful
Sandbox - Enabled
FW, D+ & AV Alerts supressed under Parental Control

The config you suggested.

Few Questions

Windows Update & install & Other Programs install/uninstall & Update which are known to Comodo will have no prob, m I right??
Programs Unknown to Comodo cannot be installed/uninstalled & updated, m I right??

The FW global rules by default are set to per case basis but connection requests for known will be allowed & unknown will be blocked coz alerts are supressed, m I right??

So programs known to comodo can be installed/uninstalled & updated without any prob & popup, right??

To install/uninstall & update programs unknown to comodo, one has to uncheck the supressed alerts in parental control & is the only way other than disabling D+, right??


Yes, that’s why you have to install programs and check if everything works before locking the system.

yup anything that is known to comodo will work, anything that is unknown will not work, simple as that.

[at] languy

i saw your video Comodo Internet Security V5 2011 FINAL, and there you say (around minute 4), that access to print spooler service has to be blocked (while i think, this is nothing that an average user would know, as he doesnt know he is “testing” malware in this moment, so it should not be blocked as “natural danger” while really testing comodo FOR preventing malware… imagine, the virus would be called “pidgin.exe”)…

you say you never saw a legit program using that service:
here you have one… “pidgin instant messenger”.

would you tell to block that allways, even with legit program? and how do i know if my pidgin.exe is not a keylogger then?

btw: why asks pidgin for access to the print spooler service, when it asks later for access to the keyboard? i dont understand the use for the first service, as the program runs with blocking the access to print spooler service… i tested it with both variations.

Just wanting to say that I’ve been using Pidgin for years and always have the Print Spooler service disabled. Never had a problem.

I have also seen software asking for printer spooler servive & allowed them coz they were safe & trusted app. Is there any prob/security risk allowing safe & trusted app to access printer spooler service???


I have pidgin and don’t get any print spooler service pop up. And I would say yes if an unknown or new program is asking for print spooler access block it for the time being. The print spooler service is a major hole in windows that can be used to put a rootkit into your pc.

I’ve always kept comodo away from my youngest sons laptop due to the defense + choices and the clash issue with K9 web protection, I am going to put Languy99’s novice set up to the test,I have just installed comodo Internet security (internet security configuration) with the everything set up as pointed out in Languy99’s video for novices. After installation I ran his laptop for an hour making sure he could connect to the internet and everything that needed permission to work would work, such as comodo dragon etc. K9 web protection has no problem running along side Comodo any more.I’ll keep you updated as my son will find an issue if there is one to be found.Good work Languy99 and the comodo crew.

No issues or problems so far :slight_smile:

good to hear, this is how I have my parents computer set up for the last 3 months and no problems with it. Keep us up todate.