How to use Quickpasswords

Lots of people have trouble with this. Just a few additions to the manual:

  • You need to depress the tick button against the relevant card data item you want to be on the Quickpass list
  • Remember that to press Win+Crtrl you must depress the Windows (Win button) first. Most people will be used to depressing the Cntrl button first
  • Secure clipboard transfer may not work if you use a third party clipboard extender. You can use keyboard input emulation instead, or temporarliy disable the extender. Not sure if keyboard emulation is secure against keyloggers!

Maybe this could be added to any on-line version of the manual or the FAQ?

Just to add to this that I have found the keyboard emulation mode works on more web sites than the secure clipboard, and Comodo have assured that this mode is reasonably secure, as they have used anti-keylogger techniques.