How to use Internet on my phone via USB?


How do I configure Comodo Firewall to allow my mobile phone to use the Internet via a USB cable to my PC (called Internet-pass-through)?

Why don’t you simply use WiFi with your phone (or WiFi Hotspot)?
Have you had Reverse Tethering working before?

WiFi signals are damaging to our health, so I would like to avoid them.
And, no, I haven’t tried this before. The phone says that the problem is probably the firewall on the PC.

Are you accessing the internet through phone to make available to the PC or using the internet connection from PC to make available to the phone? Does it work when you disable the firewall? Do you also have the Windows firewall disabled (not firewall service but control panel applet)?

I am trying to use the internet connection from my PC to make it available to the phone via the USB cable.
I tried disabling Comodo firewall. That didn’t help.
Windows Firewall is on, but what is the difference between Windows Firewall ‘service’ and ‘applet’ (on Windows 10)?

If the service is disabled then some features of windows doesn’t work so it is best to leave the service enabled. the applet should be disabled when you have a 3rd party firewall installed in this case CFW, it will cause issues when both are used and I’m guessing is part of the reason why you can’t get your phone to work. Turn off the Windows firewall and leave CFW disabled to see if you can get connection then from there we can figure out what needs to be configured in CFW to allow access with CFW enabled.

OK. Thank you. I can find ‘Windows Firewall’ in the Windows Control Panel. But is that ‘the service’ or ‘the applet’?

By the way, Wi-Fi devices operate on power levels far lower than smartphones. On the contrary, it is less harmful when you turn off cellphone data, when you are using Wi-Fi.

Thank you for your relevant comment. But I hardly ever use cellphone data. Yes, it’s a “smartphone”, but I almost only use it as a traditional mobile phone. :wink:

The one on control panel is the applet that you want to turn off.

It’s a Control Panel Applet. You can also access it with : run > firewall.cpl

No problem. Another one would be standing under low frequency transmission lines and that’s why you (sometimes) see cheap lands for sale. Hope it helps. :-La

OK. Now I tried disabling both Windows Firewall and Comodo Firewall (but not HIPS, Viruscope and Website filtering) before connecting my cellphone via USB, and the phone (an old HTC Wildfire S) seems to indicate that there is an Internet connection, but I still can’t connect to the Google Play app store. So I guess I will have to find another way of connecting the phone to the Internet (like WiFi).