How to update comodo definitions

Hi All
Can anybody help explain?

On my recommendation my friend has installed Comodo suite, he asked if Comodo updates new definitions automatically, unfortunately I coulden’t tell him as I have never seen any evidance of my firewall downloading automatic updates .
I use Comodo as a firewall and AniVir as an anti virus checker and the AntiVir updates daily.
I checked the Comodo firewall dashboard, and again found no provision to set the program to auto, or even for a manual update.

I did find under “Summery” that the firewall has blocked 0 intrusion attempts so far, and the “Defence” has blocked 0 suspicious attempts so far.
This makes me wonder if Comodo is working as it should.
If anybody can explain slowley, in Silver Surfer terms I would be grateful.
Regards Robert.
PS I have transferred this post from another forum section as I was posted wrongly.

Yes, CIS will automatically check for virus definition updates every 30 minutes by default.

You can see in the summary window when the last check was.

If you aren’t sure if maybe you have turned the updates off, go to Antivirus → Scanner Settings → Real Time Scanning. Make sure Automatically update virus database before scanning is checked.

Edit: Oh, and as far as 0 detections and intrusions go, this number is per session, so if CIS is shutdown the number will reset to 0. You can view the logs for each module if you want. Just select the tab of the module you want to inspect and click the Events menu item. For example, click the Defense+ tab and click View Defense+ Events.

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Hi HeffeD
Many thanks for your reply and help, unfortunately I have been through all the dashboard tabs and I can’t find “Antivirus”
I did find on the " Misscelaneous " tab a " Check for updates " but when I click on the GO button I get a message " Error 108 Update could not be completed, check your internet connection settings "

I am sure there is nothing wrong with my internet connection as i am using it daily.
Regards Robert.

The Antivirus tab should be between the summary and firewall tabs in the GUI. You can see it in the screenshot of the GUI I posted earlier. If you don’t have it, then you have not installed the AV.

Go to Start → Programs → Comodo → Comodo Internet Security. You will see an option to install or upgrade. Run this and you will have the option to add the AV to your installation.

Hi Heffe
Thanks again, I must have something missing from my program, as when I click Start > All prog’s > Comodo > the string that I get is " Firewall > Comodo Firewall Pro "
The Innternet Security bit is missing, I am wondering if there was an option to only install a part package when I initially installed Comodo, as I have been very satisfied with the AniVir av prog that I use. Regards Robert.

Yes, there is an option to only install part of the package. However, it sounds like your installation is an early version of the firewall prior to the release of Comodo Internet Security.

If your friend is using the same version you are, then no there is no way to automatically update the virus definitions as there is no AV to update. :wink:

Tyler said in his original post that he uses a different AV with the Comodo Firewall. All he needs to do is tell his friend who apparently installed the complete package is, yes, the AV will automatically update. On a frequent basis as well. Tyler , you will never see an entry for updating if you have an alternative AV product installed.

Hi Dch and Heffe
Many thanks for your help, my friend will have the latest version of Comodo so now I can tell him that it will update, and yes my version must be an early one and in retrospect I now think I did have the option to just use the firewall.
Comodo has run ok since installetion and I don’t seem to have any nasties got through, but when I started to re check the program and look for an update function for my pal, I started to wonder why the firewall had blocked no intrusions.
Anyway I will let my pal trial the Comodo firewall + av for a while, and if he is satisfied I will probably switch to the full prog myself, although it will be hard to dump the AntiVir that is working so well.
Best regards Robert.