How to Update Antivirus Definitions

I have Firewall version 3.5.54375.427 but can find nowhere to update the antivirus definitions as referred in the Help file. Am I blind? Please help. Thanks (:SAD)

Did you install CIS with AV module? If not, then install the AV module from the Add or Remove Programs.

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Many thanks for your quick reply and the screen pictures. Evidently I don’t have the CIS with AV module - but where is the Add or remove Programs page you mention on Comodo Firewall - I cannot find it? Blind!?

Also should I preferably delete the Firewall and then download/install the free CIS version??

But I have AVG AV/A-Spyware which is working well - would this interfere with the Comodo AV? (:LGH)

Add or remove Programs refers to the Windows function, not CIS/CF. There you will be able to change your installation if you wish to add the AV module to your CF, making it a full CIS. In other words, you don’t have to delete the Firewall if you want to add Comodo AV, as far as I know.

You shouldn’t run AVG along with full CIS / Comodo AV, you have to chose one of them. :wink:


If using both with their active protection on, yes. But 1 is enough.