How to unstealth my network?

Hi, I recently installed comodo and it did everything it said on the tin a little to well i think. For the last week or so I havent been able to get any speed on peer to peer programs, above about 10kbs. I tried utorrent as a trusted application firs then i tried manually loading the rules laid down in other posts, I then tried getting rid of all the global rules and then just uninstalling it all together.

None of these things worked, Even after uninstalling I couldnt get and speed, I ran some tests on shields up and found that every port I tested on my comp was stealthed, Then on reinstalling comodo to try and unstealth everything I found that there were no inbound connections to my computer which I can only assume is because noone can see my network, I tried to use the stealth port wizard to alert me off connections but that didnt do anything either, There doesnt seem to be an unstealth button so to speak.

Can anyone help me and thanks for your time.

You don’t want to unstealth anything. uTorrent works fine with stealth ports.

Are you behind a router? if so did you set up a static IP and port forward your uTorrent port?

Have you followed each step in the 1st post of this thread?;msg107839#msg107839

Try downloading Open Office

If everything is set as directed, you should get very fast speeds.

Thanks for replying. My router is a D-Link DSL G604T, and I dont know or dont think i have set up a static IP. I have followed all of the steps involved in that thread, and I didnt get a good torrent speed from that link.

Also a week ago everything worked fine, full dl speeds on everything,nothing has been updated or changed since then only the firewall. as soon as i installed the firewall it was crippled and has been so until now.

If you’ve forwarded a port and followed pandlouk’s directions, I think it’s best, if not necessary, to set up a static IP. It’s not all that hard.

Instructions are for XP