How to Unlock blocked URL ??

I’d like to know if it is possible to unlock automatically blocked IPs (during the time of blocking) after a suspicious activity. This because the IP could be a good one, making authorized suspicious activity. Sygate was able to unlock blocked IPs … I’m just comparying what I knew with the new one.

By the way, Sygate was already removed from my system, now I’m in your hands !! :slight_smile:

Hi Lorenzo,

Can you please add this to CPF wishlist?Yes this is a necessity. But You should be having no difficulty in contacting with the blocked IPs. When a host is temporarily blocked, you can contact with it but it cant contact with you.


help me unlock myspace hear at scott school

This does not help when you are doing an online scan.

I have spent 1/2 the night trying to get past COMODO. I would really like to sound p*ssed off, problem is I like COMODO too much. Its still the best, sure makes Outpost look sick.