How to uninstall Virtual Printer port for USB in Vista 32 Ultimate

I have a first generation LX-800 Epson impact printer.

I bought a Parallel to USB cable for it.

I was able to print a test page successfully, was even able to print the confirmation code from my purchase of Bioshock through Steam (albeit a very ugly printout of 120x144 dpi).

Other than that, I only have printing errors wherein the printer won’t even print.

[b]In my attempt to fix the problem, I switched the Parallel to USB cable to the next neighboring USB port, and then back again.

That’s when I noticed that there is a new USB port called USB003.

Originally, there were only 2: USB001 and USB002.

Every time I try to delete this port (USB003), or any port for that matter, it tells me, "Selected port cannot be deleted. The request is not supported.[/b]

I have scanned through:

These forums are too technical for my powers to comprehend. Heck, one of them talks about using a .bat file. I haven’t used a .bat file since my highschool MS-DOS days.

I know that it isn’t a serious problem, just more of an annoyance, am I right? I just want to delete the port “USB003.”

Can anyone of you help?

Can you disconnect your printer and use this tool to see if you can clean out the USB traces of the printer?

Maybe after cleaning these it’s possible to remove the printer ports?

That’s another nice tool from Nirsoft.