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I started CodeGear Delphi and I got almost imedialtely a warning about a virus in one of the .NET dll. I started to type this message over when Delphi told me that it could not load further. I restarted the app but now I’m repeatingly getting the message ‘Failed to load IDE add in ’ C:.…\Borland.Studio.VCL.Design.Refactoring.dll’. I was so wise to allow all other messages, otherwise I would have been in real trouble. Point is that I cannot find this dll anywhere in the configuration to allow it to be loaded again. It’s still on the original location, but it simply refuses to load. How can I repair this?


When you received the AV warning, how did you answer?

I did not reply at all. The window disappeared while I was typing over the message when Delphi started to complain it could not load the file.

If I disable the AV then Delphi starts as expected w.o. any problems. So somewhere I need to be able to change properties within AV?

regards, Albert

It sounds like your dll, may have been quarantined. Check under quarantined items in the AV section of CIS.

Unfortunately, it’s not. I cannot find any list where this file is mentioned. But if I stop the av engine Delphi starts up normally, so it must be a Comodo thing. Is there a database I can delete?

Funny enough there is a list with all AV events, and it contains a lot of the Borland files I ignored (status is success), but the above file is not in this list. Which is not actually wrong since I gave no answer at all. So the file is somehow ‘quaranteened’, but I cannot find where it is.

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Welcome to the circus Albert! I’ll hop on MSN tonight (my time) and run through a few things with you, if you have time.

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Hey Ewen,

Good to see you here :slight_smile: I think I figured it out, I’ve added the bds exe file to the trusted applications and see… the problem disappeared. Point is that the AV was installed on a fresh engine so why didn’t it ask for this in the first place. But It’s working now.

Still, hop on MSN, I’m on it currenlty. I’m very curious how the examiniations went…

regards to you and your family as well.


I’ve just been trying to install this and it’s giving me a lot of problems. Unfortunately, CIS AV is reporting a lot of false positives, really far to many to list.

You might like to make a post in the thread False Positive/Negative reporting - (Is this a malware that CIS has/not detected?) and point them at the entire package with a sub note explaining there are too many to list…

You have tried to install (a demo version) of Delphi? It was already installed before CAV, so I have no experience with that. But I have CAV running on my laptop (an older version) and then it asked me if BDS was a trusted app or not etc. It gave me no problem at all. On my new engine thiis was failing now, it just reported all kinds of (false) notifications. I could solve the issue as reported above. I will post this in the above topic.

tnx, Albert